In 37week But Measure 36cm

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first baby - November 16

hi there, i am in 37week and today i went for the checkup everything was normal but when my dr, measure the belly it was 36cm.I asked him that is it okay in 37week and he said yeah it is fine.As long as baby is moving that is fine.I would like to know that is it okay in 37week your belly size is 36cm...Plz help me...Dr. also told me to count the baby movement from now onwards, he is saying u should feel atleast 10 kicks in onehrs..And i can choose any time for that.So, in whole day 10kicks in one me plz


L - November 16

They say that cm measurements can easily be 2 cm off or so. Also, when the baby drops you measure smaller because they are in the pelvis area and not taking up so much tummy space. So, don't worry, it is not unusual.


Heather - November 16

L is right about the drs not worrying if you are off a cm or 2. I was measuring 3 cm over my weeks, and they aren't too concerned unless I measure over on my next appt too. Then they might do a quick u/s to review. As far as the kicks go, pick a time during the day when you have noticed that the baby is consistently active. For example, mine is super active at night and quite active in the morning. I try to make sure I count at night. If for some reason I fall asleep or forget, I try in the morning.


first baby - November 16

thanks !!! you guys put some hope in me. I was so worried that i am not doing good and baby is not okay.But if u guys are saying that it is okay in 37week and measure 36cm.I feel good thanks...Heather tell me one thing how many kicks u count and in how many hrs. Do u count in whole day right....


Lindsay - November 16

I am 36 weeks and only measuring about 32 so they told me they would send me for an ultrasound next week and that i shouldnt worry b/c i am a tiny girl and that sometimes the measurements are a little off.


Erin - November 16

At 36 wks I measured 33 wks so I went for an u/s. The baby was a little small at 5 lbs 13oz, but still within the normal range. If you're only 1 cm off I'm sure it's OK.



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