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misshipz - October 27

ok so my doctors are unsure of my due date. they thought by the ultra sound that it was oct.13 but that came and i am as big as a house, my feet/legs/ankles/hands/ everything is swollen, and i can hardly sit down without being in pain...the doctor doesnt want to induce me b/c my amniotic fluid is still looking good, and the baby hasnt settled into te plvis yet..what should i do...walking hasnt worked or s_x or spicy food....i havnt tried castor oil only cuz i'm worried it wont work either and i dont want to get my hopes up!! please HELP!!!! anyone who can shed some light would definatly be awsome!!


Buffi R. - October 27

Unfortunately, a lot of inductions don't work unless your body is really ready for the birth. You could be looking at a c-section if they try to induce you and it doesn't go well. Try to take it one day at a time, and hopefully the baby will engage soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Tory1980 - October 27

Is this your first? As for baby becoming engaged not all babies do - whether it is your first baby or not. Two out of three of my pregnancies didn't engage until I was about to deliver! The problem with going too far overdue (and if it was the 13th due date) is that the amniotic fluid can eventually start attacking the babies skin which won;t show until the birth. My sister was about a fortnight overdue and when her son was born his skin was cracked and bleeding due to losing the protective vernix in the womb. Everything looked good on her scans too, amniotic fluid, baby etc. I was induced at 37weeks and it took breaking my waters and setting up a drip to get me into labour but baby was born fine and well and was actually one of my easiest births. At this stage I would definitely consider you due and would ask the doctor about induction again. I can't see why they have let you go this far over when the scan has shown a rough date. When was your LMP or is it uncertain and that is why they are going by scan?


socurbaby7 - October 28

I know one thing that they say can cause a women to go into labor is ma__saging a certain spot on your ankle... it is a pressure point so maybve you can try that.... but i wish you the best of luck and i hope your babys here soon


sahm2alaj - October 28

Squats worked for me... I walked tons and would squat all the way to the ground (of course someone would help in getting me back up). Ultimately your body will go when it's ready so I am not sure if the squating is really what did it, but I went from 2-3 cm with my last delivery in about an hour after walking and squating.


misshipz - October 29

the doctor isnt sure of my due they are keeping an eye on everything with ultra sounds and nst tests twice a week,,,all my fluids are looking fine, and the baby isnt showing any sign of stress, but i i belive that i am ready and so is the baby...i mean if i wasnt due on the 13th like they thought than i had to be due by now. i can just tell by the way my body is acting. this is my first so i'm kinda freaking out!! i mean i am rreally losing my mind. i have been at 1cm dilated for about 3 and half weeks, and last week he said i was 1 and half cm...what the heck?? i really dont think that this baby is going to come on her own...but my doctor is being a real pain about the whole thing!!


KRISTINA - October 29

Most first babies are late. Mine was 2 weeks late. I tried all the things you have tried to make him come out and I thought about castor oil, but I heard REALLY bad things about it, so I wouldnt try it. I think every woman that goes overdue feels the same way you do. Just relax and believe me the baby will get here eventually. :)



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