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lmk - October 27

At my appt today, (I'm 40w5d), they measured low amniotic fluid and so they're inducing me today. I'm on cervidil...6 hours so far. I'm getting really crampy and a weird pressure below that makes it painful to really stand up or be vertical. Tomorrow I'll probably get pitocin... Any happy induction stories? I was soooo disappointed to be induced as I'd hoped to have spontaneous labor without drugs.


Malica - October 27

I was induced. At my 36 week checkup, my blood pressure had spiked (and other symptoms of preeclampsia), so I was told to go home to grab a few things and go straight to the hospital! Not what I wanted to hear at 36 weeks. We all hoped that I'd be there for observation for a few days then sent home for bedrest until labour started on it's own. But after a week in the hospital, I still showed no signs of improvement. All tests showed that our baby was ready to be born so it was better to have her out than to have the placenta continue to deteriorate and my condition to continue the way it was. I got the Cervadil on a Tuesday. They were expecting it to start contractions, but it didn't. So Wednesday they take me in to start the Picotin and it turns out I really was having contractions! I could only feel my stomach hardening if I was really paying attention -- there was no pain for me at that point! The induction went very well, although once I was further along I came to hate the nurse everytime she reached over to increase the dose every 30 minutes. :) They started the drip at 11:30 am and Ivy was born at 10:30 pm. For the first 4 hours I was doing word searches and Sodoku puzzles. Completely unrelated to the induction, I'd lost more blood than most so I had to stay an extra day. But other than that, it went very well. I know it's disappointing not to have the labour you planned. I know we all would have been happier if I'd had enough time to put together the baby furniture before she arrived! But these things happen. Try to remind youself what the first thing about every birth plan should be -- to have a healthy baby. At 40w5d your baby is more than ready to come into the world and meet you, so it's better for everyone if she's helped along. Oh, and induced labours are usually shorter. That should help chear you up a bit too! Good luck!


synesthesia1821 - October 27

my sister was doing the same thing. the same exact thing. [minus the amniotic fluid-she was just overdue] but she was induced too, and wanted to have a natural labor and she was started on cervadil and then the next day they started pitocin. she said that everything went along just fine. but it did take her a long time to dilate. A LONG TIME. she came in at 11:30 the night before and they started the cervadil and she didnt dilate at all anymore until about 5 something.[pm] the next day... but once she dilated it was CAKE. she pushed her little one out in like 6 sets of 3 good luck to you!!! SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU.


tryin44 - October 27

I hsvebeen induced with all four of my kids. They all went well. I have heard the contractions can be more intense but since I've never had one w/o I wouldn't know. Good Luck and enjoy the beautiful experience.


lmk - October 27

thank you so much for your replies. He's here!!! I'm going to post on a separate thread my birth story!



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