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nikol - June 7

This may be a silly question but in your opinion, do you think it would benefit me more to go and get a half hour back and neck massage done at a spa or a pedicure that comes with a foot and leg massage? I'm 36 weeks pregnant and my back hurts almost all the time but my feet have been bothering me too and I can't reach my feet anymore to paint my toenails and they look like c__p. What would you do? I can only afford to get one done.


San - June 7

Not silly at all! I say go for the pedi (I just had one a few days ago) then get your hubby/bf to give you a back ma__sage. Trying to paint toenails at this stage of the pregnancy is not fun and prob wouldn't help the sore back either :)


lindsay - June 7

me personally... i would get the back ma__sage FOR SURE! i'm on the other end of the spectrum w/ San, lol... get a professional ma__sage and ask a sister/mom/girlfriend to come over and give eachother pedis!


Lorikap - June 7

LOL...both girls have good points. Here's an idea...which one can you get done better at home for free? Then get the other done professionally. Like for me, my loving husband is not the best back ma__sager in the world. So I would get that done at the spa and find a girlfriend to do the toenails!


Been There - June 7

Just make sure if you go for the ma__sage, you get a pregnancy ma__sage. Of course, summer is kicking in, so maybe the feet with the foot and leg ma__sage would be good too. Decisions, decisions.


livdea - June 7

Definitely the back ma__sage, there is nothing like a pro ma__sage! I just called in for one myself cause my back has been killing me FOREVER. So I'm getting the ma__sage and my Momma is taking care of! She rubs them, lotions them and paints them!


3babies - June 7

Hi nikol, I am usually the first to say go for the back ma__sage, but I have to say that with my last pregnancy I had a pedicure a couple of days beforehand. My poor aching feet and legs felt fantastic, and every time I looked down at my bright pink toes in the hospital (now that I could see them) it sort of cheered me up a bit. Weird I know, but it is the little things like that in the hospital that can make your day!


Erynn21 - June 8

I love getting both and do often, but if I was given the choice, especially w/ where you're at I'd get a pedi, but that's also because of pure vanity, I just like having pretty feet. A 1/2 an hour ma__sage isn't really that long either, a pedicure usually last at least an hour, so there's another point.


nikol - June 8

It's a tough call but I think I'm going to go with a pedicure. My boyfriend really sucks at trying to give me a ma__sage but at least it's something. I doubt I'd be able to get him to paint my toenails and I think he would be really bad at it anyways lol. Plus, my feet are hard and have calouses on the bottom from walking barefoot and with sandles and I don't know about you but I'd be grossed out removing dead skin off someones feet so I might as well leave it to a professional. My birthday is coming up in about two weeks so maybe my boyfriend will see how hurtin I am and get me a proffessional ma__sage. I'll drop an obvious hint. Thanks for your input ladies! : ) Good luck with your pregnancies.



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