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rachel_renee_20 - May 15

Im 36wks and lately I have to pee more than usual and in the last week every time I sneeze or cough or laugh or most anything I wet myself, how normal is this? Doc says baby hasn't dropped yet and I am hoping the incontence doesn't get worse when she does. Just need a little reassurance.


^lucy^ - May 15

that's normal rachel dont be so worried cz even if baby hasn't dropped yet,, while pregnant, our internal organs such as liver, kidneys and other stuff are swollen due to hormones and so on so they put a pressure on our bladders and make it frequent to go to the toilets and could wet ourselves from a sneeze or cough or even a giggle.. its embarrasing but that's one of the joys of a mommy-to-be i guess hehe :P just wait until ur baby drops in the coming days and u'll know how the true feeling of frequent peeing is LOL


tlew - May 15

Hey rachel. I am also 36 wks and going thru the same thing. I thought that I wouldn't have to wear a pad until after the baby, but with these small accidents I have no choice. It was getting so bad I thought I had UTI but doc said that its very normal. we just gotta hang in there. good luck


iakram - May 15

Oh my gosh! I'm only 29 weeks and this has started happening to's more when I sneeze, i get a bit wet ;( It's pretty embarra__sing.


Cher - May 15

I am also 36 weeks on baby #3, and it happens to me too. I have broken down and bought womens' piddle pads for my underware. I don't have enough 3rd trimester close to keep changing all day. Hopefully it goes back to normal once you heal from delivery.


steff2 - May 22

This happens to me all the time, mostly when i sneeze. But here is one for a laugh, i sneezed in walmart last week and...opps, i had to leave in a hurry. I didn't even tell my husband i just told him i was sick and we had to leave. And thats with a panty liner!! So even though it is unpleasant, you are not alone!!


Tiarali - May 29

It's fairly normal, but it isn't good either :) Make sure you're doing your pelvic floor exercises really regularly. Stress incontinence that starts in pregnancy doesn't necessarily go away, and can cause worse problems later on. I now have a urethra prolapse that may or may not need surgery later on. It's definitely something that at this stage you can deal with, and if it persists after pregnancy, then talk to your doctor about it. I'm not trying to scare anyone - stress incontinence in pregnancy does occur commonly, but I do want to encourage women to deal with it before they get to my point :)



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