Increased Fetal Movement A Problem

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Karen H - April 30

The last few days this baby hasn't stopped moving. I haven't slept in 2 nights - I am 28 weeks. Also, I've been getting this rhythmic pulsating kind of feeling in my lower abdomen almost near my pelvic bone. It could be hiccups but it's every 2 seconds or so. I've read that increased fetal movement could be a sign of fetal distress, but the doc on call just made me feel stupid for even calling and told me that she's never heard that correlation - what?! any advice? thank you


Tarah - April 30

Have you been eating any spicy foods lately? I'm not sure about the pulsating feeling. I'm sorry your doc made you feel stupid, they need to understand that we don't know as much as they do! That's why we ask them questions! Anyway, I really don't know what to say because I haven't experienced this, but I hope everything is ok and good luck!! =)


to Karen - April 30

my baby has hiccups every single day so that's what that pulsating could be. Babies can get hiccups everyday for more than once a day. And when I was about twenty eight weeks my baby did start to do awhole lot of movements. remember as room gets tighter you feel baby awhole lot more, good luck :)


k - April 30

I timed my babies hicups because I thought that there was no way that what I was feeling could be hicups because they were so fast. They were around 34 per min. The doctor said that was completely normal they just do things a lot faster because they are so small. Feeling them low like that is good to because it means that the babies head is down. I am 38 weeks and that is where I feel them now consistantly also. As for increased movement. Don't worry. It means you have a healthy baby. The movements will actuall get less and less from this time on because the baby will start to run out of room. My friends baby disrupted her sleep so much that her doctor recomended a gla__s of red wine before bed to calm them both down. I would ask your doctor if that is somthing he would suggest, especially if he knows that you are having major problems with sleeping.I am sure not everyone would have the same feelings on the wine thing. That is why you should ask your doctor first.


Jenn... - May 1

I am not an expert, but I have never heard that this is a warning sign. I have only heard that decreased movement is a sign of distress...


Kaz - May 2

Hi Karen. Sounds like a healthy active bub but I can understand your worry. I haven't experienced the hiccups yet, I'm 36 weeks. I read in one book that hiccups may be a sign of the baby not getting enough oxygen due to the cord being around his neck. Hey I've only read it in one book, my brother had hiccups heaps when our Mum was preggy. If you're baby's moving heaps then surely there's plenty of oxygen getting through. If they slow down, like Jenn said, then check it out.


Chris - May 13

I read the same thing you did and ended up calling my Dr. this morning. My baby had been moving "frantically" all night and I was worried. My midwife brought me in to be monitored, and everything turned out to be just fine. Im sorry your Dr made you feel stupid. I know how you felt because when I showed up at the hospital, I asked the nurses if anyone has ever come in for too much movement and they said no. I felt like an idiot! But you know what? Better to be safe than sorry! It was worth the embarra__sment for me! Maybe you could ask your Dr to at least bring you in to listen to the baby's heartbeat. That should offer you the rea__surance we all need sometimes. Good luck!


Jen - May 18

;-) It is nice to know that I am not the only one that is being kept up at night due to non-stop movements. He also gets the hiccups all the time. I love it. My doctor told me that the more he does this the better I should feel about it, that it means that he is healthy and active. I am due the 31st and he is still doing it all the time and you get use to it.


Michele - May 21

I am 28 wks and he has been very active! I just started noticing hicups yesterday his were every second. He actually just had another episode of them and it concerned me, hence why I am on this site!


Albert - June 7

Karen, This could be hiccups. Our Baby got them every day sometimes a few times per day before she was born and I though she was having seizures, but it was hiccups. If it is hiccups you should be able to feel the movements if you place your hands on your stomach. It feels like it is pulsating. it will feel too fast for hiccups, but it is. Our baby is born now and she still gets them so I know it was hiccups.


Michele - June 7

Those are definately hiccups and my doctor said they are a good sign because the baby is practicing breathing. My baby moves very frequently and more defined now, especially when I am laying down. His movements are frantic sometimes but the fact that he does it every day makes me believe it is normal.


w - June 7

Put it this way, a moving baby is better than a baby not moving at all. I had the same concern and my dr told me I am having a very healthy pregnancy and for me to stop worrying!


Jennifer B. - June 9

I don't know how to answer your question, but I feel the same and I am in my 29th week. Is it possible to go into early labor? I've also just a few days ago started getting really mucus-y discharge down there. I have felt pain in my pelvic bone and b___t. And for about a week now, sometimes when I pee it feels like something is holding the pee hole shut part way. I pee as much as I normally do but it's just dribbles and seems to take forever to come out. Could that be just pressure from the baby? I have had very uncomfortable sleep patterns if I even sleep the last 3 days. My mom seems to think the baby has dropped some. I go to the Dr tomorrow, I feel stupid for even worrying. Any advice?


Shauna - July 1

I am 40 weeks, my due date was yesterday. I have been feeling the baby's hiccups for weeks now and they sound just like what you are describing. As for the increase in fetal movement, I have had that over the last week as well. Kicking and moving all over the place! My stomach looks like a roller coaster is inside of it !! I checked all my books and they all just say to call your Dr for decreased movement. I did read one article on the possibility of fetal distress. I am sure everything is OK, but don't feel stupid for asking any questions - just look at how many other mom's-to-be have the same question as you. Good Luck.



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