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mizliz - March 5

For those of you that were induced with pitocin , when you had a choice whether or not you wanted to be induced or not, I was just wondering what your experience was and whether or not you regreted. I am due on March 8th and or the 7th my doctor is going to schedule a day later on the week for me to get induced if i want to unless I go into labor on my own. I am so tired of being pregnant and I cant wait to see my child, but I'm not sure I know the pros and cons of being induced. Also, my husband said since it is our first child it kinda takes the fun out of it if we know exactly when it is going to happen. I agree with him , but another thing is I do live about 35 or 40 mins from the hospital. What do you guys think I should do?


mama3 - March 5

I was induced with both of my other girls. I didnt have a choice with either. My doctor thinks this time I'm going to go on my own. This I am afraid of. I didnt mind being induced. Until the dr breaks your water you dont feel much. After he breaks your water then you have to stay in the bed. With this being your first baby you could be stuck in your bed for awhile. But I always felt safe knowing I was going through everything with a dr and lots of nurses near. They check on you often and watch you carfully. If you decide to wait being as far as you are from the hospital you should be ok. Your first baby tends to take awhile. Some women get lucky and go quick. My first was 17 hrs from the start of the drip to her being born. But I personally prefer it. I could listen to there heart beat the hole time and if I had any questions they were there at a push of a b___ton. You just do as you feel most comfortable with. What are you having or are you waiting? Keep us informed. Would like to know when you have your baby and what you decide.


jessb - March 5

I was induced I dont regret it. The labor was not that bad. I got an epidural after i was 4 centimeters dilated and it was smooth sailing from there. The actual delivery was hard. She was stuck in my pelvis and had to be vacuumed out. That sucked!! But induction wasnt that bad. Being in the hospital sucks and being hooked to IV's, monitors, blood pressure cuff, and v____al monitor for the baby all really sucks, but I think that goes along with any labor. If you are a week overdue I think you will welcome an induction :o)


Shawna - March 5

I'm glad this question was asked, because I'm curious about others' personal experiences with induction. I have gestational diabetes and my fundal height is about 2 weeks larger than dates, so my doctor said she would induce me if I don't go into labor by my due date (March 27). I do get an ultrasound on Tuesday to see if she is large, but I think that in either case the doctor will decide to induce. I had wanted to try an unmedicated birth (no epidural), but have heard that pitocin makes this more difficult because the contractions can be stronger and also because at the hospital where I will deliver, those on a pitocin drip are monitered constantly and can't get up to walk around or labor in different positions. I'm glad to hear that those who've posted thus far don't regret the induction. That is rea__suring!


mama3 to shawna - March 5

With my second I had ges. diabetes also, and toximia. I had both of mine natural no meds at all. I dont know if it is harder than natural labor cause thats all i know is being induced. But i think that people say its harder because your in bed the whole time. I was hocked up to a heart monitor for baby and me blood pressure and the belts for the contractions. I do feel safer as I said before being in the hospital from begining to end. I know you ladys can do this. Feeling your baby coming into this world from you is the most awsome feeling I think anyne can have. Yes it is painful. But it is so worth it. With my first after I had her I felt no pain anymore. Now my 2nd she was stuck on my pelvic and my cervix is tilted down now. So the doctor has to lift my cervix for her to crown. But as long as i was pushing the pain wasnt so bad. After the shoulders come out your job is done. Then the dr takes over and you can watch your baby then.


Tab - March 6

I was induced with my 1st baby and didnt regret it at all. I was gestational diabetic and was a week over due. I think my induction was very smooth sailing i mean i didnt even break a sweat. And my baby was 8 pounds and 13 ounces. It helps when you have a great labor companion or nurse or doctor. And my doctor is planning on inducing this pregnancy also.


mizliz - March 6

well its the sixth and still no baby, I am going to the doctor in the morning to schedule my induction and I just wanted to thank everyone for their reply because I feel alot better about the whole thing. Soon I will get to meet my little boy!



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