Induced Early Because Uterus Baby Not Growing Pls Share

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mishy - May 17

I am scheduled for a scan at 34 wks, ob/gyn is concerned about baby's growth. She was big at the 20 wk scan and has slowed right down.. wondered if anyone who has been induced early b/c of this could share their experience? Does it necessarily mean c-section? Does baby tend to go into special care? How early do they induce? FYI this is my 2nd baby, first arrived 4 days early natural (altho I was already in hospital due for induction), and I have been an insulin dependent diabetic with both pgs.


dee23 - May 17

hmm sry i cant help, but i would also like to know. at my last scan, bubs was measuring 2 weeks early and im worried about this happening therefore curious about others stories who have been there...cheers.


HannahBaby - May 17

I was induced at 37 weeks. I started out with a little bit of high blood pressure but that resolved and was induced because they did not see my baby growing very much. i was 37 weeks and measuring about 34. I had pitocin and had a 5lb baby girl who needed no special care. They induced me because they saw no benefit for keeping her in there. Good luck


mommy2be27 - May 17

I'm right with you. Throughout the entire pregnancy my doctor said I was gaining too much weight, the baby was going to be big, I would have to have a C-section if I didn't slow down (I've gained 60 lbs). I had my 29 week scan and the baby measured perfectly. At my 32 week appt the doctor was feeling around and said... "I think we need to push you back at least a week, but we'll do another ultrasound before we do that." So, tomorrow at my 34 week appt we will see. I'll try to remember to post back tomorrow evening and let you know.


mishy - May 17

Thanks mommy2be27, I would appreciate knowing. And HannahBaby that's great news.. I was already anitipcating induction b/c of my diabetes and expect big babies (my first 8lb 10ou) so the not growing thing really surprised and worried me..then my DH's workmate said same thing happened to his wife and it was all ok so I thought I would ask for the stories of others .....


3babies - May 18

Hi Mishy, this is a little similar to my situation with my first I had high bp, but my doctor said the baby wasnt very big. When they do the scan they can check on your placenta and the blood flow from the placenta to baby. With mine, it had become abnormal so they knew there wasnt any point leaving him in there, he wouldnt get any bigger, just sicker. I did have to have c/s but that was because at 35 weeks my cervix wasnt ripe for induction and during the stress test he didnt perform very well ... so they thought he wouldnt cope with the stress of labour. He was 4lb8oz, but perfectly healthy ( I had 2 steroid shots to mature his lungs beforehand). I meant to say also that I think at about 32 weeks I was small because I got sent for an US then to check on bubs growth and placenta (was told baby was small but within limits of normal). 3 weeks later his growth had fallen way behind. Its sounds like your ob is good and following up on things closely. I would just also ask for a CTG (stress test ) to check how bubs is. Good luck!


falafal0 - May 18

I haven't had any problems with my pregnancies in this area, bu a friend of mine two weeks ago had to undergo an 'emergency' c section for them to get her baby out. She was 31 weeks, and measured at 26. When I first hearda bout it, they were a bit concerned about the baby's growth, then she got checked again, then hospitalised. They said that they would keep the baby in until the last minute, but I geuss things changed when they found out the reason for the delayed growth. Her placenta had stopped functioning properly and blood was only getting to the heart and brain (don't know how they know these things, her MIL told me...) and when she went for the ultrasound was told to go straight to teh hospital and had her baby within a few hours. Baby's intestines were a bit mixed up because she was so early, but apart from that, she is being kept in intensive care and is going ok. Wouldn't think they'll let her out until baby is pooing properly and everything is ok, they think another 4 weeks or so, more closer to when she was actually due. She has another cihld at home, and came out about a week afterwards, and is doing he daily trips into to be with her and express. She wasn't diabetic so can't help you there. This is the only experience I've had close enough for you to perhaps get something out of it? GOod luck with you bubby...modern doctors and medicines are amazing, so don't worry too much. Even very premmie babies are aken care of..


mishy - May 18

That's some great feedback..Part of me was thinking there is nothing to worry about but another part was thinking I should make sure hubby comes to the scan and that I take my hospital bag and make contingency plans for mum to care for my son that night just in case there is really bad news. I LOVE my dr.. I trust him to do what's best for us both.. interesting about the steriods and the stress test, i will remember to ask about those if they want to induce really early.. thanks!


mishy - May 19



mishy - May 21

still interested to hear other stories, 9 days til scan.. baby is moving less (or am I just paranoid??).. seeing GP today about a cold so thought I would see if he has a doppler..


falafal0 - May 21

Yes, ask to hear baby's heartbeat and see if it's still within normal range. It's a good idea to plan something just incase, like you said. It'l be easier to cancel, than to quickly plan everything at the last minute. Good luck...


3babies - May 22

Hi Mishy, maybe to rea__sure yourself you could do some kick counts. Choose a time of day when you know bubs is active ie: after eating. Lie down and count kicks. You can stop when you get 10 kicks/movements in 1 hour. If bubs isnt co-operating try drinking something a little sweet and try again. If you are not getting 10 movements in an hour after a few attempts (ie bubs maybe sleeping). Then go to ED. If your movements are good you can keep a record daily and then you are aware if the movements drop off. I would definitely also push for the CTG/stress test or BPP to check on bubs health if you feel worried. Good luck!


mishy - May 22

He didn't have a doppler, but I gave bub a push this afternoon and she pushed back, has the hiccups now so I am feeling a lot better! She definitely doesnt move every hour, maybe she just had a couple of lazy days. I don't really get kicks, didn't with my 1st either, its more like I just feel them roll around a bit, its a little harder to track than a definite jab to the ribs or something.. ...mommy2be27 - how did your 34 wk appt go??


AppleCake - May 22

I only found out the other week that the reason for my induction in my last preg (at 39 week, twins) was because they thought one of my babies wasn't growing. The consultant didn't tell me this at the time, or any of the staff at the hospital, as they couldn't figure out why I had been sent in when everything looked so good. Bizarre. Anyway, I had a 7lb and a 5lb 13oz. Oddly enough the smaller baby did better to begin with- the larger one had to sit under a heat lamp for a few hours. They were both a little jaundiced but otherwise fine. Good luck with everything. X.


lindsay - May 22

how much has growth slowed... it seems i'm in a similar situation, although my dr. doesn't seemed too concerned, probably b/c i'm already 38 weeks... but she seemed to really be packing on the ounces according to her measurements at u/s 4,5, and 6 weeks ago, but today at my scan she had only gained a pound within the last 4 weeks , which was way less than what was shown at the last scans, (a__suming they were accurate) we've talked a little of induction, but not because of her size so much, because of an placental abnonormality, although this conditon would most likely be they direct reason for any sudden stunt in growth. i would think they would try to get you to 36/37 weeks or maybe more and let you deliver v____ally unless there appeared to be imminent threat to baby... do you have any condition you know of that may cause this, other than the diabetes? i don't know much on the subject, but doesn't diabetes usaully produce bigger babies???


mishy - May 22

Diabetes usually produces bigger babies b/c sugar is concentrated across the placenta so the babies get "fat" (basically). But I was diagnosed early (24 wks) and so my litte one's exposure high sugar levels hasn't been what it would ordinarily be in a diabetic mother. At 20 wks she was "bigger than average".. now height of fundus is not what it should be.. so I guess at scan (8 days to go - I will be 34wks5days) they will get an idea of growth rate and look at placenta. Apparently I had a growth spurt 24-28wks then nothing much 28-32wks so they are expecting scan to show a spurt over the last fortnight.. if not, well, I guess we will see (hence my post!!).. I am still putting on 1kg per week.. which is a bit under 1/2 pound - too much regardless but esp if none of that is baby weight!! :P


MayMama - May 23

Hi Mishy: I just went through a similar thing. At my 28 week check, I was measuring about 3 weeks behind but u/s showed baby was in 61st percentile. At 34 weeks, baby was in 37th percentile and at 36 weeeks the baby was in 27th percentile. Doctor decided I should go for non-stress tests twice a week until the baby was born (my due date was May 25th). I went in on May 9th for a non-stress test and my blood pressure was high (it had been creeping up over the last few weeks) so they decided to induce me that day (just shy of 38 weeks). I had a baby boy the next afternoon and he weighed 5 lbs, 11 oz - no c-section needed although I did have an episiotomy. William did have to spend the first 24 hrs in special care due to some breathing difficulty and low blood sugar but he spent the next night in the regular nursery and we all went home 2 days after he was born. He's doing great now and had already gained 2 oz at his 10 day pediatrician appt. Sometimes it is just better to get them out a little early if they are not doing great in utero - I'm sure everything will be fine if that's the case! Good luck!



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