Induced Labour

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Linzi - April 13

Had really bad pregnancy, throughout ive had really bad palpatations and dizziness. got just over 2 weeks left before babys due but not sure how much more i can take, palpatations are getting worse n making me feel really ill. Can i ask the hospital to induce me early?


mjvdec01 - April 14

You need to talk to your OB. He ultimately has the final say as to wether he will do it or not. At your next appointment let him know your concerns and see what he has to say. I am sorry you are feeling so ill. I hope you and your doctor can come to a compromise. Have a healthy baby.


tish212 - April 17

you can ask your OB for a social induction, some offices allow them some dont but i have only heard of them doing it up to 7 days before your due date, i was scheduled for one however i had preeclampsia and had to be induced 2 weeks earlier... just dont get your hopes up too high because some drs don't believe in doing social inductions... let them know your reason for wanting it is due to severe pregnancy discomfort. that is what my dr said they would have to file mine as, good luck and just remember it is almost over and once it is it will all be worth it! trust me i know that sounds so cliche but it is the truth i was miserable with my pregnancy, i could barely walk was on bed rest, got daily headaches, terrible sciaticc nerve pain, it was so bad i swore i would never ever get preg again, but the second i looked down at her little face into her deep eyes i knew id do it all over again for her, and that i would want to do it again for another child good luck and hugs dear it is almost over... :)


joely - April 19

Im 38 weeks also and my doctor is inducing me on tuesday. He doesn't believe a woman should have to go 40 weeks. Thank god I have a reasonable doctor. He is changing my due date so for insurance reasons Im 39 weeks on tuesday. Maybe your doc will do the same. I know they can induce 1 week prior. Good luck and let me know what happens.



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