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Jonie - November 8

Hello everyone, this may seem like a stupid question but I have a Dr. appt today and I am so miserable. I am now 38 weeks, and I was wondering is there anything I can say to my Dr. to take sympathy on me and induce me?? LOL I say it jokingly but really I wish she would. This is my last week of working in which I walk all day (no help with making me go into labor early ) and dont think I will be able to stand staying at home for as long as 3 or 4 weeks. I have BH almost daily and everytime they start I get all excited thinking maybe this is IT!! Then of course they stop.


Sorry! - November 8

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but probably no doctor will induce that early if there isn't a medical reason for it. Inducing labor basicially means "shoving" the baby out before it is ready to come on its own, and the drugs used are not completely without risk. They also make for a harder, intensiver, faster, and more painful labor and if something were to (God forbid) go wrong, the doctor would be in a position to have to explain why he decided to induce. I hope you will be able to go into labor naturally and quickly! Is there any way for you to take maternity leave from work soon? Best of luck to you!


Jean - November 8

Every woman I've talked to that's been induced says to avoid it at all costs.


Melissa - November 8

The doctors in my area are induction happy. Without a medical reason for induction, you have to be at least 39 weeks, but once you are, most will induce if you ask them to. I know that the pitocin (one of the drugs they use to induce) causes a more painful labor, but the doctors around here use it even if you come in in labor to "speed things along", in other words, get you delivered so they can be home for supper. So I figure, if they are gonna use it anyway, might as well be convenient for me!


jen - November 10

I had to be induced with my first pregnancy because my water broke and labor never started. The doctor will have to force me to be induced this time. I pray that it is not necessary. It is not pretty. Avoid it if you can.


nicole - November 10

I was induced with all three of my children because of their size. It is painful, I did it naturally without any medication. I have been told naturally is less painful because the pitocin creates very strong contractions. I just had a baby girl friday. I was induced tuesday went through 8 hours of painful contractions. The induction didn't take (does happen) and I had to go back friday to do it all again. It was not fun. I did however get a beautiful baby girl. I was 39 weeks and she was 20.5 inches and weighed 9lbs. Good luck!!!



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