Inducing Early Evil

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Raychel - November 9

Hey yall. Ok I'm alomst 32 weeks. My fiance, is coming home Dec 17th- Jan 2nd. We're also getting married during that time. But anyways, I'm due Jan 6th. I would love nothing more than the father of my baby to be here when our lil boy comes into this world. So a friend brought up the idea of talking to my doctor about inducing early. So far, I have had no pregnancy complaications, the baby is growing just fine, so I thought about talking to my doc about it. But when I brought the idea up to my mom, she called me evil, and how dare I think about bringing this baby into the world early. U know, if the doc says no its not an option, I won't push it no more, cause I wouldn't want to bring the baby into the world when he aint ready. But if the doc says its fine, is it really such a bad thing?


Raychel - November 9

I feel really bad tho now for even thinking such a thing. I aint doing it.


Crystal - November 9

Why would you feel bad?? I don't think it's evil or horrible....I think you're being a wife/mother who wants the father of her baby there, and if everything is healthy and normal, what difference could a couple of days make if you'd be to term??


Charity - November 9

I don't think you're evil. It's not like you're trying to have it a couple of weeks or months early. I can see where you are coming from. I would hate having to do it all w/o Chad. I wish you the best.


BN - November 9

I don't think you're evil, but I do believe it's better to wait on baby. Your body has to be somewhat ready for induction anyhow. That's one of the reasons your doctor may decline.


Jamie - November 9

Hon, it's natural to want your fiance to see the birth of your baby. You're not talking about inducing 3 months early, you're talking about what, a week? I was induced 3 weeks early because of complications - as long as your baby is 37 weeks, it's considered full term. The only thing is, there might be fluid in the baby's lungs. I would definatley talk to your doctor - your mom doesn't need to know you were induced; just call her from the hospital and say you went into labor early. It happens.


Swtpea - November 9

I agree with Jamie. Specially for the reason you are requesting, dont feel bad. Are you going to be moving... with your husband soon, or will you stay where you are while he serves?


Raychel - November 9

Thank yall for the comments. He'll be in for 2 weeks b4 going to airborne school, than chances are he's being stationed in Alaska, and Im not sure when me or the baby could join him, so it just makes me want him here even more for the delivry. And if I could induce, I was thinking between Dec 28 and the 31, so I'll be 39 weeks. Just wish my mama wouldn't make me feel so bad for just thinking it.


Christy - November 9

Hey Raychel, I too am due on jan 6th and have a c-section scheduled for dec 27. My doctor would have done it sooner but I didn't want to be in the hospital on christmas (I have 2 other children.) It sounds like your mom has her own issues she needs to deal with and maybe doesn't want dad there. I hope it works out for you.


shaletta - November 9

Ladies you do realize that full term is 40 weeks, we're actually pregnant for 10 months if we go full term.So actually she's considering inducing 2 months early. This time is very valuable to the growth of your baby's development. Talk it over with the doc, i doubt if he'll agree with such a thing, because if something goes awry, and it can, who do you think will be held accountable?


m - November 9

Shaletta, she will be 39 weeks when she is thinking of being induced. That is one week from full term. When u have a scheduled C-section, that is the norm for taking the baby is one week early. Raychel, if your doc agrees go for it, good luck, M


dwc - November 9

she is talking about inducing one week early, not 2 months. My doc induced me a week early and everything turned out fine. My husband at the time was here for a week visit with hopes that I would go into labor, so the doc just helped us along some. I do not see any harm in that, but I would talk to the doc and make the best decision for you and your baby.


Erin - November 9

Raychel, I couldn't imagine having my baby without my husband there, so I understand. The way my doctor explained it to me is that the baby is fully developed at the end of 38 weeks and that the 40 week mark is not always exact, therefore the birth can occur safely 2 weeks before (or after) 40 weeks. My due date is Dec. 21st and I will be induced two weeks early on Dec. 7th, even though it is for medical reasons I know my doctor wouldn't be doing it if the baby was in danger. I wouldn't feel bad about wanting to be induced if I were you and I would certainly talk to your doctor about it, you are only talking about 1 week. Don't let your mom dictate one of the most important moments of your life, a moment which is just as important for your fiance to experience as it is for you! Good luck and let us know how it goes!



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