Inducing Soon

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BWIND - February 13

So I went to the doctor yesterday, and I'm due on Thursday. He did another exam and of course I started bleeding.....Why do I always do that? I have 2 out of the 4 exams. Today, I think I'm loosing my mucus plug....I'm not bleeding heavily or anything, but it's kinda gross....I know TMI... Anyway, he went ahead and scheduled me to be induced Thursday on my due date. This is our first and I jus don't know what to expect....any moms out there that have been induced that can give me any words of advice? Thanks!


Kristin11 - February 13

I was induced due to my water breaking and me not dialating fast enough. I was given pitocin in a iv. It wasnt a big deal really. My one complaint would be instead of having a gradual gain in pain & strength of contractions all of a sudden they in full swing. Other then that it wasnt to big of a deal. Good luck!!


MommyMeg07 - February 13

BWIND, I'm glad to hear that someone else's doctor is doing this. I think my doctor wants to induce on my due date as well (Friday, the 16th). What are your doctor's reasons for doing this? I'd love to hear back from you on this - I'm really uneasy about why he's doing it so soon! Are you?


BWIND - February 13

I didn't ask a whole lot of questions....I was just excited to know a day it was going to happen. I've had a lot of friends that were induced and everything turned out fine. I know he has mentioned that the baby could be kinda big for me...If you are uneasy ask your doctor. I'm wondering that I may go before Thursday. I went to the doctor on Monday and when he examined me I started bleeding. Today, I've had a lot of mucus / discharge....I'm wondering if it is my mucus plug from the exam. It kinda worries me...but I'm not bleeding at all. I'm just ready for this little guy to be here!!


DDT - February 13

Well Im not due for another 5 days but doc said that their standard procedure is to wait 9 days after the EDD to induce. So, if he doesn't come before then the 27th is the date scheduled for my induction. Oh, I hope he comes before then! (I will have to wait another 2weeks!) My cervix is soft, low and baby is at station -2.



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