Inducing Tomorrow

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MeMommy4 - December 6

All the months and weeks and days of waiting are finally coming to an end! I'm being induced in the morning! I can't tell if I'm more nervous or more excited! Probably more nervous! I'm due Saturday but since the baby has dropped so low and I'm so "soft" down there and already started dilating and I'm positive for beta strep they're going to go ahead and let me have him a little early! Better then waiting until Monday as they'd originally planned! Good luck to all the other soon to be Mommies!! BABY DUST!


J - December 6

I'm so jealous! :) Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you! Wow, I wish I was being induced! I want to see my lil' one! I'm due the 23rd.


Chloe - December 6

I hear you girls! I'm due on the 31st and I can't wait either! How excit_tng! J, are you dilated or efaced yet?


Ca__sie - December 6

Congrats MeMommy4! I'm right where you are with "softness"and position of baby. I'm not due till the 10th, but if it doesn't happen on its own, will be induced on the 15th or 17th. I tested positive for strep B too. Let us know how the how the induction goes.


Jen - December 6

Congratulations and good luck to you! I am being induced on Thursday morning, so I'll be right there with ya (only I was due on 11/26). I am super nervous, but I know whatever I go through will be worth it to when I FINALLY get to hold my baby boy in my arms- what an amazing feeling that is going to be....


Michelle - December 6

I wish you the best of luck! And enjoy the new little one! TONS OF BABY DUST TO YOU!


Brooke - December 6

YIPPIE!! I'm being induced tomorrow morning too! At 6:00am! I can't hardly wait. I was supposed to be induced on Thursday, but the doctor called this evening and wanted to move it up to tomorrow because of scheduling! I'm so happy!!!


nicole - December 6

Not to put a damper on you but be prepaired for the possibility of it not working. I was induced with my first two no problem worked great. I went in nov 1 for my third to be induced. Put up with eight hours of terrible contractions. Nothing. It didn't take. I was thinned,dialated and the baby was dropped but she wouldn't come. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know top be ready for the possibility. Being induced created very strong painful contractions. When it didn't work for me itr was horrible. I went in two days later and it worked fine.



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