Inducing With Citotek Sp

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Narthax - August 10

I'm 40 weeks4 days and they will be induced on monday. the mw said they will start me of by inserting citotek. i guess it's some kind of stomach pill. does anyone out there have any experince with this method any advice?? thanks!!


Jbear - August 10 It doesn't always work to paste links here. There are no hyphens (just in case) just a couple of underscores in the first one. I've heard different things about cytotec, but the most important one I've heard is that it doesn't have FDA approval for inducing labor. When I was induced, they used cervidil. It didn't work, but I don't think anything would body wasn't ready.


Kristen - August 11

Hi! The doctors used cytotech with my first delivery. I went into the hospital with some contractions and no real dilation. I was almost 42 weeks. After several hours and the contractions stopping, the doctor and midwife suggested cytotech. It works to help ripen the cervix and move along dilation. I had only an iv in at the time. They can only use small pieces of the actual pill. They insert it in your v____a and place it next to your cervix. You can't get up and move until it has had time to dissolve. With the first dose, it really didn't do much. So, the second dose they used a bigger piece of the pill. It definitely worked! I was having extremely hard contractions. It was hard for me to get out of bed to walk. I actually got stuck on the toilet when the anesthesiologist was waiting to put in my epidural. After getting my epidural it was about 3 hours and I had fully dilated and started to push. I only pushed 3 times and she was here. I did not have to have any aids with my second delivery and don't really expect to have to have any this time. I have had friends who had petocin only and I would much rather go through the cytotech adventure again then go through what they did. But, as you already know, every pregnancy is different and every delivery is different. Good luck!


Narthax - August 13

THanks so much i did a little research got scared about the fda thing i talked to my doc and decided to go with it. i'll let ya'll know how it goes!!


CAROL - September 17




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