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Kitalj07 - October 24

Hi, my due date is Friday and I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I was having a lot of contractions, but I have not dilated and I'm still closed. My next appointment is on the 30th, pass my due date. Would induction be a good option, because I'm not sure if I should ask about it or not. This is my first pregnancy and I know nothing about labor... the pain nothing! Will it hurt? I do have tightenings in my stomach from the contractions, but most of them don't hurt, some I don't feel at all!


Erins Mom - October 24

If you and your baby are doing fine, I wouldn't get induced unless there was a medical reason. As for labor, yes it will hurt, a lot. It sounds like the contractions you're having are braxton hicks, which are practice contractions. Since it's you're first it is fairly normal to go over your due date by a week and sometimes even two, although if you get that far, I'm sure your doctor would be inducing you!


jenna32 - October 25

they say to give it 2 weeks after your due date to consider induction.


Tory1980 - October 25

I wouldn;t ask for induction but your doctor might give you a date that you will be induced at your next appointment if you don't go on before then. As for the labour, yes it is painful. For me however I always think throuh the labours - 'they can only get worse' and for two of them I had no pain relief at all. One of them without pain meds was my first. Be careful with the contractions as they don't have to be painful in order to dilate you. I didn't have any pain (just a st_tch when I sat down) until I got to 7cms. If they are coming regularly then you need to get checked again.


mrssolo - October 25

With my first I went two weeks past my due date. I went to the dr. every other day and finally he started to run out of amniotic fluid and they sent me in that day to be induced. they were waiting for me to go on my own but once baby started to be in distress they sent me in right away for an induction. He didn't come until the next evening. Good luck.



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