Induction Is It Bad

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M&M - January 15

Hi. My name is Mich__le and I am about 41 weeks. My doctor said that I still haven't started dialating and said that she wants to induce me on the 18th. I'm kind of scared because I have heard about women being induced and I heard that the labor is much worse. I don't know what to do. I am taking Evening Primrose to help things get moving and I walk whenever I think to, but I am still scared. Is anyone else being induced? Or has anyone been induced? I just want to know how bad it really is, and is it bad for the baby? (I am also scared that if I don't dialate, that I will have to have a C-Section... Is that bad?) Please Help!!! Thanks! M&M


Amy from MN - January 15

Hi, I have had to be induced with all 3 of my children so I don't know the difference between natural labor and induced labor. When I went in to be induced they broke my water and then if within a hour nothing was happening they started pitocin. That got things moving!! Within 1 hour of the Pic, I started major contractions, dialating and when I reach 4cm I got the epidural, and about 1 hour after the epidural I went from 4cm to 10cm and 4 pushes I had a baby!! I liked being induced, It was planned so I knew when they were coming, I was able to get sitters for the other kids, and it was exciting the night before!! I am now 30 week with my 4th and I have marginal placenta previa so I am going to have a c-section, the date is unknown at this time. I am so scared about that!! But I am getting my tubes tied so I figure as long as their in there they might as well do that too, instead of giving birth and them having to go through surgery, so things happen for a reason I guess!! But don't worry being induced is exciting and I think you'll do just fine. Is this your 1st baby?


LRK - January 15

First of all--haven't gone through this yet, so this is my unexperienced opinion based on what I have heard/read only (I am due in <2 weeks). I think it is based on how your baby is doing. If you doctor thinks that the baby is okay at 41 weeks, it might be worth it to wait for things to naturally progress. There is a hormonal cascade that happens during labor and delivery that affects everything from that process to b___stfeeding. From what I have heard, women who get pitocin do have a more painful labor, which leads to epidural, which can lead to C-section. Breastfeeding can be harder too. I personally would not opt to induce unless they tell me that my baby is in distress or I am in distress (high BP, for example). But, you have to talk it out with your doctor and find out what will be best for your situation. Remember that the average for first babies is one week and one day past the due date. Good luck!


M&M, to Amy from MN - January 15

Yes this is my first baby, and I am having a girl so I am really happy about that! Thank you so much for your "words of wisdom" they made me feel a lot better!


M&M, to LRK - January 15

Thank you for your help and I think I will talk to my doctor and see if there is any way that we can wait a little longer. Thanks!


Lisastar9 - January 15

I was induced with boh my kids. My first I had a epitdural due to having surgery in pg. I didn't reget the ep.I ws induced at 6:30am in the morning had the baby at 4:24pm. My second was at 10:30am had him at 4:04pm. No epfor the second. . This one probably will be induced too


Mel - January 15

From what my friends have told me, they would rather be induced. Not only because of the planning but because you basically get your meds as soon as the pain starts so you miss a lot of labor pains, that is what they've said. This is my first so and I'm only 35weeks but personally I wouldnt mind being induced, easier to plan!



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