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Tillie - May 18

I found out this morning, after a week of daily sonograms, that I'm probably going to be induced tomorrow or Monday due to very low amniotic fluid (2-3 centimeters most days). I'm really stressed out about this--I'm just 36 weeks today and had planned labor to be natural, not to mention in JUNE! So I'm wondering if people would share induction stories and/or advice? I'm already 2 centimeters dilated--will this help some? Is Pitocen horrible? Does an epidural relieve a good deal of the pain? Can a baby be OK enough to come home with you at only 36 weeks?


angelbebe - May 18

I wrote a thread "Induced...why does this happen so much?" . You might want to read it if you haven't already just in terms of peoples opinions about pitocin and what not. Anyways, has the doctor been monitoring your fluid level over some time? I mean, is it possible you can just really hydrate yourself like crazy to get this level up? Is the baby showing distress? I would ask a lot of questions before allowing them to intervene. I hear it makes contractions so much worse, but then there are those that swear it didn't. Everyone's body reacts differently, that's the problem. Same with epidural...some people swear by them, others say they would never have one again. Hopefully you'll get some responses from those who have actually had both, unlike myself! I am 38 weeks and planning to go natural, but obviously when it becomes a major health risk, you do what you have to do. Good luck!


Tillie - May 18

Angelbebe, I have been reading your thread on induction. Very helpful! My doctor's been monitoring my amniotic fluid level for a week now, with daily visits to the hospital. On Monday I was admitted over night because it hit a record two centimeters. After 8 or so hours of an IV it crept up enough to allow me to go home, but simply won't go up to an acceptable level. The baby seems to be in no distress, but the doctors feel it's unsafe for her at this point, or perhaps safer to be on the outside. I just don't know! I feel skeptical, but I also don't want to endanger her in any way.


Dia_ - May 18

Wow, Tillie - that is really low fluid (I think). I went to L&D to be monitored for a false alarm last week and they said my fluid was really high and they only worry when it gets below 8 cm...although I am a first time mommy I think induction may be a good idea for you with such low fluid levels. All the June mommies are becomming May mommies! Good luck and make sure to keep us updated with whatevery you, your doc, and your baby decide!! I will be thinking of you!!


Tillie - May 18

Oh Dia! So good to hear a familiar voice. The June mommies have seemed to scatter--and yes, some are becoming MAY mommies! Not what I expected at all. I heard the same thing about 8 centimeters being the "cut off"; I haven't been above 5 since getting monitored. I don't know what more I could do--I pump fluids like crazy day in and day out. All I can do is try to set up as much of a nursery as I can right now (in my new place) incase tomorrow's the day! I'll definitely keep you posted.


Cher - May 18

With the daily sonograms... have they estimated the approx. weight of the baby? If they are concerned about the lungs, they will give a steroid injection to help prepare the baby's lungs. They slowly increase the pitocen so intense labor doesn't come on too quickly. I know you wanted to go naturally, but there is nothing natural with induction. I would (personally) go for the epidural. I would hold out for a long as you can and move as much as you can (if they let you). Good luck with the delivery and soon you will have a wonderful new baby! Congrats!!!


Chelle - May 18

I was induced at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure. I was 1 cm and 50% effaced when I went in. I went in at 7pm and they inserted cervidil near my cervix to fully ripen it. Contractions started a few hours after that but weren't to bad. At 7am the next morning they started pitocin (still 1 cm dialated). Almost immediatly contractions got stronger and more painful. By 2 cm I got an epidural. The epidural took all the pain away, it was wonderful! I wasn't completely numb so I could still feel when I had contractions but it was just a little pressure with no pain. By about midnight I was 9 cm, but my doc had to do a c-section due to many complication. My temp was up to 101 degress, babies heart rate was above normal, I was still at +2 station with no signs that the baby would drop. But all turned out well. That was my first delivery so I can't compare it to natural labor, but I do believe that pitocin brings on harder, stronger, more painful contractions. Being 2 cm will help out in the induction process. Good luck to you! If you have any more questions just ask : )


Tillie - May 18

Thank you girls sooooo much. It's great to get your opinions and thoughts on this, really. Chelle, that sounds like a hard labor--I guess they're usually that long when you're induced? But yes, I think I'll certainly get an epidural. I'm glad everything went well for you. Cher, last Friday the baby was 5.4 pounds, so I'm guessing now (almost a week later) she's closer to 6? I hope. 6 (or more) would be great. But they haven't given me her weight since last Friday, I suppose because they're so obsessed with finding "fluid pockets"...the sonographers (who all know me and the situation now, despite the fact that it's a busy New York City hospital!) leap around when they find a "good" one and have to tell everybody. It's very sweet. I feel well taken care of.



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