Induction And Breaking Water

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jessielouwho - March 6

I'm set up for induction this friday the 10th, I'll be 42 weeks, I have a question about breaking your water. For those of you who have been induced, did the doctor break your water and if so, when? I've heard some stories about women being induced, waters being broken and then the baby isn't delivered for several hours later. How far along should you be if they need to break your water or should you let them break it at all? Thanks.


Ninimartini - March 7

Hey girl!Well when i had my dd7 months ago,i went into labor on my own and i was dialating pretty fast at first and then after the 7 hr they noticed that i slowed down so the doc gave me something to make the contractions come(induced me)then after 11 hrs of labor they broke my water.Let me tell you they dont warn you that the pain is hellllllllllllll and back because you are now dry,and there isnt water left.Not trying to scare you but just gettin you prepared for what they dont tell you.So stay focused and breathe.Oh yeah she still didnt come for about 5 more hrs.


mel - March 7

with my son they started inducing me around 7 am and broke my water at 8am. my son was born at 4:15 pm. I don't recall any pain from the water breaking and didn't even need an epidural until around noon. (and I'm a big wussy!) it's different for everyone I believe.


Drew - March 7

The pain is no different during labor if your water breaks itself, or if the doctor has to break it. "Dry birth" is a myth. Contractions just get alot more intense usually after water is broken. Typically (sp? huge brain fart!!) when your induced, they won't break your water unless baby's head is nice and low. If baby's head is high there is the chance that the cord will come through with the water as it is draining, or even the baby's arm. Doctors usually have their own dialation rules too as to when they may consider breaking your water...some may say it's ok after 3cm, others may wait longer. Do you have an appointment before your induction? If you do, these are excellent questions for your doctor, and if you don't, contact the labor and delivery ward of the hospital you will be delivering at. They may be able to answer some questions for you. Labor dust to you!!


mama-beans - March 7

They broke my water at 9:45 p.m. and I was holding my DD at 1:23 am. I was only dialated to a 3 when they broke them.. it was a last ditch effort to get some progressive labor. I had been on Pitocin with no real cervical change for 3+ days at that point. Once my water was broke... it went SO fast!


erin - March 7

With my second baby I went to the hospital at 4 cm and nothing happened for a couple of hours so they broke my water. After that the contractions were much much more intense, I dilated to 10 within 90 minutes and it only took a total of 2 1/2 hours from breaking my water to my son being born. I was a week overdue. In hindsight, i think I would have rather they left my water in tact. My labour would have been longer, but it might have been more manageable, since the contractions were so terrible after they broke it. I wanted an epidural but it ended up being too late so I used gas instead.


Donna - March 7

It depends on how well applied the baby's head is to the cervix, such as 0 station, because if it's any higher the cord can possibly prolapse down through the v____a causing a compression and that's not good for baby.


jessielouwho - March 8

Thanks for the insight everyone.



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