Induction Because Baby Is Small

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D - November 3

I'll be 40 weeks on Sunday and have had two ultrasounds in the past two weeks that have shown the baby is on the small side of normal (today: approx. 6lbs 14oz.). The fear is that if I carry to my originally scheduled induction date at 42 weeks, the baby could lose weight as the placenta dies. So they want to induce on Sunday. My placenta and amniotic fluid are supposedly healthy and the guess right now is that the baby is genetically small. Everything else looks fine. I don't know if it is the shock of such an abrupt change or what... Has anyone ever heard of this happening???


Jaime - November 3

D - I'm in the same boat as you. My last 3 ultrasounds have shown that my little girl isn't growing on scale. I'm 34 weeks and she is only at 3.8 pounds. My doctor has talked about the possibility of going 2 weeks early (if I haven't gone by myself) to prevent her from losing any weight.


to jaime - November 3

where you measuring small? I'm 35 wks and have not had an u/s to determine his weight nor are they planning too. I haven't gained much weight but measure exactly on the week which is perfect but I'm still concerned that he might be small or really big...I want an ultra sound!


dwc - November 3

i had an induction for this reason with my first, everything turned out fine. they induced me a week early thinking the baby would weigh right at 5 lbs but she weighed 6lbs 1oz, it was just genetics, because she is still the smallest one in her cla__s, she is 6 and is still wearing a 4t, lol! I will keep you in mind. Let us know what happens. good luck.


???? - November 3

6 lbs. 14 oz. does not seem small to me. I thought that was normal! ?


N - November 3

That's what happened with my first son. I had two ultrasounds in the last month, the first one said he was small and the amnoitic fluid was on the low side of normal, the second ultrasound said he had not gained any weight in two weeks. I was induced two days before my due date because they decided he would gain weight better on the outside with some intervention (and boy did he ever) then he was doing inside. He was 6lbs when he was born. Sort of ironically, I am having a repeat c-sec this time because my baby is too BIG. D I wouldn't worry about the baby being born now, as long as your dates were somewhat accurate your child will do great.



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