Induction For Tomorrow

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prego and ready - September 20

I was originally due sept. 25th but my doctor scheduled me for an induction tomorrow at 4:30 am. Any advice? and if you have given birth to a previous child by being inducted....what can I expect?


Nurs2b21 - September 21

Hey! I was wondering how you were doing....I don't know anything about being induced but I hope all goes well. Let me know how everything goes! Good luck


Tory1980 - September 21

Why are they inducing you tomorrow if you aren't due for another few days? Just wondering. As for the induction I was scared out of my skull at the thought. Especially with some of the horror stories I have heard. I had to be induced with my third baby due to cholestasis and spent two weeks in the hospital before I was induced making sure me and the baby were okay. They gave me an internal gel (I was only 37weeks) to try and soften my uterus and get it to contract at 6am on the 11th April. 12 hours later they gave me another one. I was having regular contractions and when they went to give me a third 12 hours later (6am 12thApril) they found me 3cms dilated and decided I didn't need it and they took me down to delivery at 12noon and broke my waters. The contractions had stopped around 7am and they had to put up a drip to get me contracting again. I delivered him at 6:50pm and used Gas&Air once I hit about 8cms. The pain hit properly when I got back onto the bed. I wanted to stay upright as I am uncomfortable lying down. I would say though don't expect it to go quick just because you are being induced. There was a women in the bed beside me who was 42 weeks and three attempts to induce her just didn't work. They brought her into minitor her and to give her uterus a break and she eventually went on her own at nearlly 43weeks. Over here (N.Ireland) they won't induce without medical reason or if you are severely overdue. Good luck sweetheart and just relax as much as you can.


rebolson - September 21

Hi~ With my first son, my water broke at 10:30 pm and when I went in, I was told by the L&D nurses that if I didn't have the baby on my own in the night, that my doctor would induce me around 6:00 am (apparently that's how she does things-she doesn't wait 24 hours, she does it right away). Anyway, I hadn't started labor on my own so I was given pitocin at 6:00 am. I didn't feel any contractions until around 8:30 (and they weren't that bad either). I got an epidural at 9:30 am and my son was born at 10:44 am. So, the induction was an easy one for me. I realize every woman is different, but for me, it didn't make the contractions horrible and labor went, you just never know. Good luck! I hope you have a fast and easy delivery too!


kvilendrer - September 21

Congratulations!! I was induced 2 days after my due date. It's nothing to be worried about at all. I went in at 7:30 to be induced. The first thing they did was hook up an IV. Then about an hour later, they came to start the pitocin. Unfortunately, she didn't realize until later that she actually forgot to hook the tube up to my IV, so i wasn't actually getting any pitocin. About an hour after I got there, my doc came to break my water. Maybe an hour after that is when I started having painful contractions (but they were bearable.) I asked for the epidural (but I asked a little later than I should have). By the time the anesthesiologist got there, I was in quite a bit of pain. But as soon as the epidural kicked in, I was in heaven!! At 1:30 pm, they came and checked my cervix and said i was 7cm. They came back in half an hour, and I was already at 9 1/2!! So they left for about a half an hour, and then it was time to start pushing. My gorgeous son was born on August 16, at 2:57 pm after only 5 minutes of pushing. It was the most amazing birth experience I have had (I have 2 kids). I would do it all over again. It was relaxing, the nurses were wonderful, and it was very, very emotional for me. I hope that it goes the same for you!! Good luck!


afireinsideamanda - September 21

please let me know how it goes, i only have four days until my induction!


tryin44 - September 21

If your planning on getting an epidural it doesn't really matter what kind of pain is involved The epidural takes care of that but it is true that being induced can create a more intense labor not nessisarliy taking less time but closer more intense contractions. Sometimes lasting longer. It all depends on the person. I have been induced three times and 100% natural and will be again in mid Oct. Good luck.



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