Induction In 2 Days Someone Help

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wenling - April 23

At my visit to my doctor today(sat 23apr), he said my placenta was 'aging'. I did a non stress test and my baby's heart rate is on the 'low side'. My doc scheduled me for induction on monday morning. I'm totally not prepared and terrified. I'm 37 weeks along now.. the only way I can avoid it is if my labour starts before that. What can i do to induce my own labour or at least soften my cervix to avoid an episiotomy? My doctor ruled out s_x as it may cause infections.. any ideas??


Candy - April 23

Softening your cervix will not prevent you from having an episiotomy. An episiotomy is when they cut you on the outside to make room for the baby to come through and sometimes it's better to be cut than to tear. I would just stress to your doctor that you only want an episiotomy if absolutly necessary and to ask you b4 he cuts. I've tried to induce my own labor but nothing seems to work for me so I don't have advice for you there. Good luck and I'm sure everything will be fine. You're going to be a mommy in like 2 days!


nelly - April 23

i don't know if ther is anything you can do to prevent from getting an episiotomy i have never heard of being able to prevent it if there is a way i sure like to know it myself because those suckers hurt. I also had to be induced because my baby was late. i hope everything goes great for you and your baby.


Jill - April 24

I would say walk but I'm like everyone else I've tried everything and nothing seems to work for mr either


EM - April 25

My hospital explained that episiotomy popularity among docs goes back and forth like a pendulum. Where they were doing them on EVERYONE 15-20 years a go and telling you its better than tearing, they are now rarely doing them (at least where I'm from) and say that a tear heals MUCH faster than a cut so if you don't want one I would make your wishes known before delivery.



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