Induction Or C Section

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mrose - December 18

At last weeks appointment, when I was 36 weeks, the dr. said she believed the baby was laready 6.5-7lbs, and they believe I have a small pelvic bone, and if the baby is too big, I may not beable to deliver naturally. I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss further, they said they may do an ultrasound to better determine the baby's size. My question is....if she gives me the option to go ahead and be induced and possibly deliver naturally, or wait and have a c-section, what do you ladies suggest I do? I'm not sister is coming in on the 3rd of January and I would really love her to be here(this is my first) but at the same time, I want to have the baby naturally if possible...what would you ladies do?


DDT - December 18

They are guessing your baby's weight that closely without performing a u/s? is thise by feel?...and even once they do a u/s even those are more often than not off on the weight. Personally, I would wait to deliver naturally. Your doc can't force an induction, it is ultimately your choice. But if I HAD to choose between induction or C-Section I would go with the induction. Less healing time afterwards and you will actually get to experience your labour & the birth of your lo. Good Luck!


mommybabyboy21 - December 19

personally I wouldn't do a c-section...with c-section it limits the amount of children you can have (or should have) to only three. my aunts best friend had a c-section with her first and tried to have 6 six children...she had 6 but died giving birth to the 6th one because the insertions ruptured due to weakness. (of course if she didn't go into labor they say it probably wouldn't have happen) so i am bias against c-sections, and 90% of inductions end in c-sections anyways SO if you don't want to have to feel the pain of hours and hours of labor because induction is hours and hours of labor and from what I heard painful labor more painful then natural labor. My best friend was induced for the same reason your dr says she wants to induce you. My best friend when through 24 hours of labor and then ended in a c-section. This was her second child and she said the labor pains were so much worst this time...until the epaderial oh, and her son was only 7 pounds...they told her he would be 10 pounds!!! and that was with a u/s. so now you have the decision to induce....or c-section. tough choices. and there are many pros and cons to each choice but it comes down to a person choice


mjvdec01 - December 19

So would they be inducing at 37 weeks? I was induced 11 days early and I think my daughter would have been better suited to stay in a few more days. We had a bit of trouble with her jaundice and she was covered in that white goop. I for get what it is called, anyway, it was an indication that she was too early. Don't get me wrong, I would totally go with the induction, however I would insist on waiting until at least 38 weeks. Also, it is impossible to know for sure how much your baby weighs until delivery. My OB guessed my daughters weight to be a whole pound more than she was. Just wait until 38 weeks and try to deliver v____ally first. Don't let your doctor pressure you. Please let us know what happens.


Jilloh - December 19

Inducing hands down....C-Section should be a last option because it's major surgery....Take this kid out the natural way or by inducing. Good Luck!


mrose - December 19

Thank you ladies for responding...I'm not sure when she would want to induce, I guess I'll find out more details tomorrow. I've heard alot of women say they were wrong about the weight even with the ultrasound, and they normally guess the baby to be bigger than what they that makes me wonder. I'll be 38 weeks on I would hope they wouldn't want to do anything until after Christmas atleast....we'll see I guess.


jenice - December 19

I know of a lady who was given an u/s and told she was having a healthy 7 lb baby, so there should be no problems with giving birth. They ended up doing a c-section. The baby was 2 weeks late, and they'd decided not to induce, since the baby was only "7 lbs". Yeah right! After cutting her 3 times to make it big enough to get the baby out, they discovered a baby over 11 lbs and 22inches long. And another friend of mine was told her daughter was two pounds smaller than she actually was, and they ended up doing a c-section and completely traumatizing her. Go for the induction. Ultrasounds are way out on guessing birth weight...I would never trust an u/s with that kind of a decision. But best of luck! Our bodies are designed to handle birth, and don't typically grow babies we can't deliver.


Malica - December 19

mommybabyboy21 -- I have no idea where you think you got your figures from, but it's no where near "90% of inductions end in c-sections". Your chances of needing a c-section after being induced is about one in three (33%) compared to a on in four (25%) chance if you weren't induced. mrose -- I was induced at 37 weeks due to complications and it was actually a pretty good experience for me. There are many tests they can do to make sure that the baby is ready to be delivered (a super-comprehensive ultrasound). See if you can get that done. As much as I understand your other reasons swaying you one way or the other, the baby's safety should be your first concern. If it's ready to be born early, then it's your choice. If not -- regardless of it's size, it's much better to wait. Good luck!


cfuller - December 19

if you absolutely can't wait and deliver naturaly than go for the induction. I don't personally know anyone who has had an induction and then had to have a c-section, they were able to deliver v____ally just fine. best of luck to you and baby


sahmof3 - December 20

I don't understand why they 're already talking induction or c-section. You could very well go into labor on your own before your due date. There's still lots of hope!!! :-) If you go overdue, then maybe you could think about your options? I went to a day shy of 42 weeks with my oldest (I know... many OBs are hesitant to let you go that far anymore... that was 7.5 years ago!), was induced and eventually had an emergency c-section. I found out later (in my next pregnancy) that I have scarring of the cervix and can't dilate (never got past 1/2 cm). Well, I have mixed feelings. I wanted a natural delivery, the need for induction negated that and since I had my cervix problem, but didn't know it, it made the induction hell on earth for me! But, I'm a little glad that I tried it... that I know in my mind I gave it a fair shot. I mean, there was no way to kow the future, KWIM? On the other hand, if I HAD known the future, I would have said FORGET THAT!! lol... Give me a scheduled c-section. Because I've had 2 scheduled ones since then and they were waayyy easier recoveries than my c-section after 24 hours of labor... plus, my youngest was 10 lbs. 6 oz 22 3/4", so I was rather happy I never had to worry about laboring with him. lol Anyway, induction can end up in an emergency c-section, so can trying naturally for that matter if the baby ends up really being too big... but, you never know unless you try. And, you could VERY WELL end up having a perfectly uncomplicated v____al delivery :-) it's a tough choice because you never know what the future holds. Good luck!


Kira_lynn - December 20

Well at my last appointment (17th) i measured 39.6 weeks and i was 36.2. They said the baby was close to 8pnds already. Im high risk due to other factors, but the first thing my doc said was that if he wasnt here by the 27th then we'll schedule an induction. She said it wouldnt be ideal to deliver a baby over 9pnds naturally. I totally trust my doc, and if you do too then take her opinion and go for it.


mrose - December 20

Well, I had my Dr's appt today, she said the baby does appear to be a little large, not so much for a baby at her stage, but a little large for pelvic bone is very narrow, and she's afraid the baby may have difficulty fitting through. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday the 28th, and then we will go from there. She says if the baby appears to be over 7.5lbs then we need to probably do a c-section, it would be easier on my body then trying to deliver and end up in c section anyway...but if she appears to be smaller than 7.5lbs, then she's going to let me go naturally. So we shall see....



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