Induction Or Elective C Section 41weeks Not Dilated Engaged

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sahmof3 - June 8

Given the choice I'd rather go through an elective c-section than an emergency one... but you could be induced and everything goes fine and it would so much better than a c-section. Arrggghhhh... unfortunately the only way to know is to give it a try. For me induction was horrible!!!! I was 0 cm. and had 0 effacement at the start of the induction. I was 41 weeks, 6 days and my water had broken in a small trickle and I was having weenie ctxns lol, but nothing else was happening, so I was induced. It went from 0 pain- through the roof pain in not much time at all. I had Stadol and after that began to wear off I felt the need to push... not need really... my body just WAS pushing and there was nothing I could do and it hurt so bad I couldn't even ask for the epidural! DH called the nurse and I was sure I was 10cm. and ready to go, but I was only 1/2 cm. :-( After more time pa__sed (20 hours into my labor) I finally got the epi and it was great! A few hours later my water broke in a series of gushes and there was meconium. They began prepping me for a c-section, but then his heartrate dropped and wouldn't come back up and I was taken immediately and he was out in about 2 minutes. I later found out that I have scarring of the cervix from D&C for a m/c and can't dilate past 1/2 cm. So, in my case, if I could go back in time I'd ditch the induction for sure. My next two were scheduled c-sections and were about 100x easier to recover from!! My daughter (2nd child) was a scheduled c-section with a spinal and my son (3rd) was under general anesthesia because I had extremely low platelets. But, you could also be like DeeD and have a great induction and the c-section would be all for naught. I'm real helpful, huh? lol Anyway, just thought I'd add my story to the mix of experiences...


sahmof3 - June 8

Oh yeah... and my youngest was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4" with a 15" head... I'm sort of glad I was c-sectioned and asleep for his birth... I can't see that going to well v____ally :-D


moescrilla - June 8

what sucks about c-section is that you have to go to recovery after the finish stapling you back up, and you are in there for about an hour without the baby (dont know if thats standard in every hospital) However, I was so out of it, and shaking uncontrollably , so I really couldnt have held the baby anyway.


Skyeblue - June 9

What about letting nature take its course...? Why impose unnecessary trauma on your baby...?


Annie123 - June 9

Hi Jen327! Wow! Only a 3 inch scar? That's really impressive. I'm glad to hear holding your baby is totally doable. And your other postings said you were able to pick her up within a week, correct? Now, I am going to have to go on an international flight, alone with baby, within about 8 weeks of her birth. I’ll have a carry on (with wheels) and was planning on taking her in a baby bjorn (not to mention lots of luggage, which I can have someone (hopefully! lol :) put onto carts, but then I will have to push the cart through customs). Do you think you could have done it at 8 weeks? If NOT, when do you think you could have handled it??


Annie123 - June 9

Thanks DeeD—wow, you've had quite some luck with induction! I wish I could know AHEAD of time how my body might react. It's difficult to make a decision without knowing. And I feel like I'm gambling with my voice as well—as I mentioned in the original post, I lost my voice for 6 months due to general anesthesia and never fully regained back and if I was unlucky and ended up with an emergency c-section, I could end up with the general….Aghhh! I don't know. I also am currently living abroad and don't speak the language—which causes anxiety in me when I'm with doctors and midwives here and my husband has to translate everything and I start getting nervous! I worry that I'll get very flustered and anxious as the induction process progresses. It's kind of scary to have things done to you when you have no idea what's happening—at least for me, as I enjoy a little control over things.


Annie123 - June 9

Moescrilla- I am indeed leaning towards just going for the c-section IF by week 41, I have not given birth naturally—(It's quite possible I'll go into labor within the next week naturally)-- I don't think I want to willingly schedule a planned induction without dilation and engagement. Sahmof3—you summed it up really well! It's impossible for me to "know" what is exactly right without looking into the future.


moescrilla - June 9

I mean, it was worth it....the whole having to basically do both ways - but, for the next time, I'd rather just do one or the other! lol...that way, I get plenty of rest the night before, and I'm sure a planned c-section probably wont be as bad as an emergency c-section. If I knew everything would go great, I'd go natural, but given my past -- I'm taking the c/s....I get 8 weeks off too if I have a c/s, instead of just 6 with natural, thats another benefit.


jen327 - June 9

Annie, the rule of thumb is you should be back to your normal self by 6 weeks. I was holding my baby and stuff right away, but I think I waited a few weeks to pick him up, I can't really remember. Planned c-sections have smaller scars (in general) because they are planned. If they do an emergency one you are more likely to risk going under general or having a scar going vertical instead of the horizontal one in the hair line. And I know most people who have an emergency one it is above the hair line even if it is horizontal because they are rushing, unless the baby is not in distress and they have time to shave you. Although, my book says more and more they are doing the lower bikini cut in emergency's without shaving. There are pluses to being induced, the baby going through the birth ca___l does help squeeze out fluid in the baby's lungs so that is a plus. Also waiting until you go into labor naturally releases a hormone that is good for the baby's lung, I forget what it is called but it is like "flight or fight". This hormone is not released when you are induced. Also, the vertical cut is more likely to be infected and cause problems in recover, because of the angle it is harder to heal. Dr.s don't use that cut for scheduled sections. But for your sake I hope you go into labor this week, if not I hope you make the choice that fits your needs and the baby's. It is a hard choice and such a personal one. Oh, did I mention my stomach muscles are fine!!! It has been 11 years, but my stomach was hard as a rock like 2 years later (took me awhile to get in shape). Now I wish they were like that, but well, there not =). As for the flight, I would not take your baby on a plane any earlier, and if you could wait till 10 weeks that would be better. Not because of your section (if you have one) but because your baby will just be getting it's shots and you really don't want to travel without having them or having just had them, I would try and wait a week or two after them. I think they get the first boat load at 2 months. Oh, and I never had any pain in my scar area, I think it might be a bit numb like right on top of the incision, but I think that is normal. I never really noticed until I checked after being on this site. Anyway, I am sorry for rambling. I hope you are feeling better about making the decision that is right for you, and I hope you get to meet your little baby really soon!!!


DDT - June 10

I wasn't dilated until I went into labour at 39w6d, and my baby was at -2 as well. Just because you haven't dilated prior to labour doesn't mean it won't happen. Why do you think you will need a C-section. Is the baby breech/transverse? My labour was long (19hrs) but uncomplicated & my baby boy was born healthy. GL.


Annie123 - June 14

It finally happened! Well, it was decided for me. I had my baby, after 20 hours of labor. I wound up being induced with pitocin, several times, after I started having natural intense labor contractions on my exact due date--but had no dilation and No engagement. Eventually I reached 3cm and stalled and wound up having an epidural but it didn't take well (I felt the full intensity of the pitocin contractions on my left side- right side was numb- weird). The pitocin contractions were So painful to me. I thank God it's OVER :) They did several rounds of pitocin and then, debating whether or not to give me a c-section, one doctor manually, with his own hand, ripped open my cervix, taking it from a stalled 6cm to an 8cm-- all I could feel was this searing pain. I couldn't believe he had done that to me. Cali is 6 pounds, 8 ounzes, adorable and healthy, so I'm very very lucky!!! As for this posting though, I have to say, not being engaged or dilated at the time of labor is a difficult one and I can't say whether I would willingly want to experience this labor again like this. I AM very happy of course that my recovery will be much easier than if I had had a c-section, but there are a lot of things that happen during the course of a stalled labor that can be horrifying to some women. I appreciate that some feel that even the suggestion of a planned c-section seems like tampering with nature/god, but hey, so is an epidural, pitocin, etc... I wish everyone successful and smooth babymaking in the future and thank all of you for being so kind and sharing your experiences with me!


Sweetz - June 14

Annie- COngratulations on your lo. Glad you were able to have her naturally. I have heard stories of women who were in labor for like 50 hours and then still had to have a c-section so be thankful it went the way it did ..ha ha. Good luck and enjoy your little bundle:)


Sweetz - June 14

Just curious if you had any symptoms the day or so before you had your baby??? I have had contractions off and on for two days and very sick to my stomach which is not normal for me and lots of discharge everytime I go to the restroom. Also lots of pain down there. Did you have any of these signs right before labor??


sahmof3 - June 15

Wow! Sounds like quite an ordeal... at least it's over with and your daughter is here :-) Congratulations, Annie!!!


DeeD - June 15

Hey Annie, congrats on baby! Sound like a typical first labor...glad she is here safe and sound and you are both doing well. Did you ever get dialated at all?


Annie123 - June 15

Sweetz- actually, I felt great the day prior to my labor. So good that I walked 4 miles and did 2 pregnancy exercise videos- maybe that helped!! I awoke around 5:30 with lots of mucus plug looking stuff- which I had been seeing on and off over the last week or so. I woke up due to shooting v____al pains and had no idea they were contractions. I cleaned up around the house and we went to he hospital at around 8am, just to make sure everything was ok-- hospital is only 1 mile away. Sooo, no, I had no sure signs ahead of time that I was going into labor. Thank you all for wishing me well- it's so exciting to have her laying here sleeping calmly on my belly :o)



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