Induction Or Go Naturally

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EricaG - July 14

I don't even know what I want to do anymore. From the beginning of the pregnancy I have wanted to allow my little girl to come whenever she felt ready, as long as there was no threat to her, or my health. However, the last two weeks have been h__l for me. For those of you who don't know, I have gallstones and since about 10 weeks of pregnancy I have had occassional gallbladder attacks. Most of them I could get through at home without pain meds from the hospital. But in the past two weeks I have had 4 attacks that put me in the hospital, and 2 smaller ones that I remained at home for. Altogether Me, and subsequently my baby, have had 3 doses of demerol, one dose of morphine, one dose of phenergan, and one dose of vistril, all given either through an IV or in shot form, over the past 2 weeks. My surgeon warned me that as the baby grows upward and presses against the gallbladder, I may start getting more attacks despite my low fat diet. Looks like he was right. I have an appointment today at 4:00 and I'm thinking about talking to him about inducing me at 38 weeks. I am 36 weeks right now and I want her out so that I can get my gallbladder taken out, but I have concerns for her. I haven't gained any weight during the pregnancy and I'm afraid she needs those two weeks we would be depriving her of, to gain an extra pound or so. I'm worried that the induction might not work and they would do a c-section, which I really don't want. But mainly I'm just concerned that she won't be ready. The last time a doctor checked me (6 days ago) I was 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced, so hopefully that would help the indiuction be successful. But gosh, I'm just so torn between what I used to feel so strongly about, and how I'm beginning to feel now. I think what I'm looking for is for people to tell me what they would do if they were in my situation. Would you be induced or wait and go naturally? For those of you who don't understand the pain of an acute gallbladder attack, it is compared often with the pain of passing a kidney stone, having a heart attack, or giving birth. Please, let me know what you would do if you were in my place. Thank you :o)


mcatherine - July 14

EricaG - with my first pregnancy I suffered from gallbladder attacks so frequently that I was hospitalized at 29 weeks. By week 35 they had to induce because even water (when taken in orally) caused an attack. I didn't have a low-fat diet, I wasn't even allowed to eat food. I was so worried about my son with all the drugs they continued to give me and finally decided to allow them to induce early. We had to weigh the decision of which was more harmful - a pound or two lighter and the chance of immature lungs or 5-6 daily doses of demerol, phenegran and a pepcid i.v.. Don't view it as what may be better - try looking at the worse of the two evils. That may make your decision easier. Labor was intense, but short and in the end I delivered a healthy little boy that needed no aid in breathing. I don't regret the decision and actually looked forward to having my gallbladder out ASAP so I could finally go pain free. To this day I laugh about the fact that I was able to deliver without an epidural - after all the gallbladder pain I had endured, labor seemed a breeze for me. (Of course, this time around I'm terrified) I hope you feel better. Good luck.


EricaG - July 14

mcatherine, reading your story almost made me cry because even though I know the pain you endured, I can't even imagine what it's like to endure it to that extent. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. I don't want it to get to that point with me but it feels as though that's where it's heading! I take phenergan orally everyday and three doses of zantac, but it is quickly becoming ineffective and just not enough. Thank you for ginving me such an educated opinion. :o)


krc - July 14

I think you should try to hold out as long as possible. As long as it's not a danger to your baby. If you are willing to wait 2 more weeks when your at 38, then try to go those 2 more if you can. Once that baby is out you'll feel like a million bucks !! haha ( hopefully ). I have a health issue also that I have chosen not to discuss on this forum and I am 37 1/2 weeks. Believe me I want this baby out as much as any other 3rd trimester lady but hang in there.. you can do it !!!


mcatherine - July 14

I'm sure your doctors have already warned you of the dangers of developing pancreat_tis if gallbladder disease is left untreated. (I did develop it) While the attacks may not pose an actual danger to your baby, please keep in mind they do pose a danger to you. While I would love to agree with krc about trying to wait, 4 more weeks of frequent attacks could pose serious health problems for you (along with the fact that you will continue to ingest controlled substances and other drugs that will affect your baby). While your OB will want to wait, your surgeon will be more concerned with the state of your health. Make sure they communicate frequently and that you are kept aware of the condition of your own body as well as your baby's health. There are a few women on this board that have suffered gallbladder problems and are probably more likely to understand the pain you are experiencing. Perhaps you should try re-posting this under a different t_tle to draw more attention to the issue of gallbladder attacks/disease rather than the decision of induction vs. going natural. Just a thought......


nik - July 14

oh my gosh I would get that baby out! I have gone throught something similar to you ( not as often as you though). I am almost 32 weeks and last week I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night for what they think was kidney stones. I was in horrible pain for 2 days at the hospital. They never determined if thats exactly what it was, (they couldnt do exrays to find a stone or anything being pregnant) but they did see a lot of blockage in the ultrasound. Anyway, I couldnt imagine going through that again. If getting your gaul blatter taken out will cure your problem, I would just have that baby. If your not healthy, it cant be good for the baby either. I suppose when it comes down to it, your doctor will tell u whats best, but I feel for you, and it sure doesnt make your pregnancy pleasant.


Danielle19 - July 14

i wanted to let you know even if the induction doesn't work that doesn't mean you'll have a c- section i was induced and i was 1 cm and 50 % effaced and the induction failed so all they did was send me home and we tried again two days later which it worked as long as your water doesn't break you can be induced 10 times if thats what it takes also i would see what your doctor thinks he wouldn't induce you if baby needed more time or if it was unsafe so just see what he has to say before you make a decesion good luck


EricaG - July 14

Well ladies, thank you all for your opinions. I had my appointment at 4 and HE informed ME that he planned on inducing at 38 weeks. We haven't scheduled a date but he said it will probably be the last weekend of July because he's the doctor on call that weekend. He said that my cervix has to be ready though. Now I'm scared that it wont be ready! Anyway this is what's happening. once again thank you all for your opinion and wish me luck that my cervix is ready in two weeks.


mcatherine - July 14

I'm sure everything will go just fine and that you'll be ready. These next two weeks should be filled with excitment - I hope you feel up to them. Wishing you lots of luck!!!!


Kara H. - July 14

Erica - have lots of s_x and try to enjoy it! Between the progestins in your husbands s____n and the contractions caused by your orgams you cervix should be in fine shape by the end of July. Thats if you can find a few gall bladder pain-free minutes to have s_x! Good luck!


Taneika - July 16

Erica, if your cervix isn't ready, ask them to use a prostoglandin gel or cytotec ( a pill they put next to the cervix) to soften it up. My doc told me that it makes induction go a lot smoother and there's less of a chance of a c-section if your cervix is ready before they use pitocin (if that's what they're planning on using). Good luck to you, my mom had gall stones when she was prego with my brother, she says it's one of the worst pains she's ever had in her life. I hope everything works out well for you and your baby.


dy - July 17

erica, hope everything works out with your induction. though i'm all for letting the baby stay in until she's done in normal circ_mstances, when it comes to the health of you and your child you should do whatever is necessary. let us know how beautiful your baby is


EricaG - July 17

Thank you for all the suggestions and well wishes. :o) I've been trying to get my cervix ready to go by eating lots of fresh pineapple, having relations with my husband everyday, walking a lot, and taking evening primrose oil. I hope when I go in for my next appointment this Friday he will say that I'm looking good. I'm still having a little trouble accepting that we may be taking her before she's all the way ready, or that I won't have that exciting moment where we're just watching TV and I'm like "sweetie, it's time". But I'm finding comfort in the fact that if I am induced at "38 weeks" I will actually be 38 weeks 3 days by my LMP due date and 39 weeks 4 days by my ultrasound due date. (at my hospital they do not change your due date, they give you two,lol) Who knows, maybe I'll go by myself before that!



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