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MommyMeg07 - February 14

I'm being induced on Friday and I'm scared to death!! I would love to hear some positive induction stories - or even some "well inductions suck but are not the end of the world" stories. The main thing I'm worried about is it putting my baby in distress!! I'm already dilated to 3, and baby is very very low - those are all good things, right?? Thanks for any help you can lend!!


Tammy276 - February 14

MommyMeg07, I was dilated to 3 and 100% effaced when I was induced with my son, and my induction went great and would do it again this time. Because I was already effaced, they didn't use the cervadil on my cervix, they just started the pitocin drip and 5 hours later I was holding my litte boy. The pitocin does bring on stronger, faster contractions, so I asked for the epidural after they broke my water...up until that point, I could handle the contractions no problem. Good luck!!


bj - February 15

Hey, mommymeg07, I'm also being induced tomorrow. Well, I actually go in tonight, and they will start pitocin. My doctor a__sured me that she would not induce if she didn't think I was ready. Hope everything goes well for you. Good luck?


singlem0m - February 15

I was induced at almost 42 weeks. Its not bad, its just like regular labor. The only thing is that when the contractions do start coming they are normally a bit stronger on the pitocin then 'natural' contractions. But because of this the hospital gave me my epidural earlier, I was only dilated to 2. I ended up dilating from 2 to 8 in about an hour - right after I got the epidural. I pushed for 2 hours (first baby) and out she came. And if you are already dilated to 3 and the baby is low you are good to go. The worst thing about mine was when they broke my water-but I was carrying VERY high so they had to go way up there. That was not pleasant. But since you are carrying low it shouldn't be painful at all. Good luck!


MommyMeg07 - February 16

Thanks so much to ALL of you!! I'm supposed to be there in 5 hours!! These stories really helped, I hope it mine goes as fast as y'alls! :)



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