Induction Tomorrow Night Wednesday

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afireinsideamanda - October 8

(god how do you spell wed??) anyway, im scheduled to go in tomorrow night at 1130 to begin my induction REALLY nervous. as much as id love her to go ahead and come out, and i want to meet her, im so scared. my hormones are a mess!!! theyre going to register me and admit me tuesday night, and start with cytotec treatments at 1,3,and 5 am... then at 7 the dr is going to come in and check my progress, possibly breaking my waters then, if they dont break on their own... if they wake me up every two hours how am i supposed to get the rest i need to deliver this baby?? also, if i cant eat?? ive always been one who, when deprived food, does not do a very small girl and my body processes everything very quickly... i gain and lose energy at lightening speed. im so stressed out and worried about how induction is going to affect me and baby... i want to try it, but everything i keep reading is so awful... higher risk of c section, merconium issues with fetal distress... my worst fear is of something not being ok with madelyn or me... also, im scared of NOT being pregnant....i know that sounds odd, but omg.. 40 wks and 5 d is a long used to being pregnant,i can hardly remember what its like to NOT be pregnant,...knowing today is one of the last days ill feel her squirming around in my belly, and have her this close to me is a bit alarming...what has been a small annoyance at the least at most times, now seems so precious to me. the clock seems l ike its ticking and im so afraid my body wont do what its supposed to. im terrified of the idea of csection.... ive never had surgery for any reason in my LIFE. also, im allergic to pennicilin and ive tested positive for group b, dont they generally use penicillin to treat that?? i guess im just doing what i knew i would, worry worry worrying. also, worried that my labor could be seriously long.... or that the induction wont work... and my has to feel weird the day of or the next day after of giving birth... like jelly?? big flappy loose skin??? god...i feel nauseous. im freaking myself out too much... i dont know. someone please help me calm down here. dr said he thinks my baby will be "small". not undersized, but not you know, big i guess.. i guess that makes me feel a small bit better? everything is normal in this pregnancy as far as the drs can tell...shes doing well, normal progress, mature enough to come right on out. and trust me, my body is ready for that...but its just, emotionally im not sure. its always fine to know in the beginning of your pregnancy that youre going ot have to give birth, but when it comes right down to it, the clock is ticking and you know exactly how much longer it will be, it can drive you nuts! any help/responses?


docbytch - October 8

Amanda...I am scared of surgery too. I've never had any sort of abdominal surgery ever.....and the only surgery I DID have was a tonsillectomy at age 5 in 1972. Being in healthcare makes me just more aware of all the potential complications.... But...there is really no way to ensure my boy could be delivered safely v____ally. He is definitely bigger than my daughter was...and she barely fit through at 9lbs. I was your age when she was born. It's understandable to be scared...but just remember to NOT let the docs or nurses bowl you over and ignore your wishes. Especially when it comes to pain control. It is difficult to predict which kind of labor you will have...the normal kind....or back labor like I did with my dd. All depends on bby's presentation. I would never wish back labor on is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. But then...I didn't get any pain relief either. That's what epidurals are for! You are not alone in your fears. I will probably BE in the OR tomorrow at this exact same case is the first one for the day and they want me at the hosp at 0530. Yikes. It seems I can no longer sleep longer than 4 hrs at a time much to think about. As for your Group B strep....penicillin is not the only med that can treat that...there are tons of others so do not worry!!


afireinsideamanda - October 8

thanks doc, and i really hope things go well for you! cant wait to hear your story


inuk-mama - October 8

Amanda, I am so excited for you! I know that the closer the time comes, the more nervoius we get but try not to stress out! Soon you will be able to hold your beautiful little girl and have your body back! After spending 9 months on this site being pregnant with all of you, it's so exciting to see you all having your babies now!! the 6 weeks I have left seems like an eternity! Good luck tomorrow and can hardly wait to hear all about it!


WP - October 8

Good luck Amanda. I'm sure everything will be fine. We spend so much time thinking and worrying about this moment, but in reality, it's over in a few hours. It's like Christmas - all that prep for one day. You're going to be a great mother.


chickiepoo9 - October 8

Good luck everything will work out just fine and you will meet you little girl i will keep you in my prayers tomorrow! Keep us posted with a birth story when you can.


afireinsideamanda - October 8



AmberNicole - October 8

I was terrified of a c-section with my ds. I had sort of prepared myself, though, because I weighed 97 lbs when I got pregnant, and just knew I wouldn't be able to give birth naturally. After 17 hours of labor, and NO dilation beyond a fingertip (even after my water broke) they told me they were taking me in the OR, and I was ready. Whatever they had to do to get him out and in my arms, I was ready for. Once you get there and get the process started, the fears sort of fade away. The doctors do this everyday, just trust them. I had the option with this baby to try to labor on my own or to schedule a c-section, and I scheduled a c-section because that's what I know, and it really wasn't that bad. My son was so beautiful because his little head didn't get squished through the birth ca___l! :) There is an upside to everything scary. Also, if you have to have a c-section you won't bleed bad at all, it's like a period, and going to the bathroom won't hurt! Try to think of the positive things if you end up having one. You can also have an awesome v____al delivery. I'm sure it's all so scary. I was lucky enough to have had my water break at 36 weeks, and didn't have any anticipation, really, because he was a surprise being so early. Good luck to you! You're going to do great!


afireinsideamanda - October 9

omg! tonight! its tonight! 1130! thanks for the encouragement! last night i actually got to get out and do something for myself... :) hanson concert. can you beleive that?? but honestly, theyre grown up and their music is AMAZING now....the harmony is fantastic. the show sold out, only 700 tickets, and yes there were seats...but was so much fun. im an even bigger fan. i wanted them to sing madeleine for madelyn but hey, i didnt ge tmy wish. its okay. it was alot of fun, and i couldnt have asked for a better night!



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