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chloe - February 21 34 weeks pregnant and i just found out that i have a yeast infection!!! i know it might sound gross, but i never had one before this! i was just wondering if it is normal during pregnancy and will it eventually go away or do i need to get something for it???


Katrina - February 21

Yes, it is very normal during pregnancy ...thanks to your hormones. You do need to get something for it. It will not go away on its own. Did your doctor diagnose you with it? If so, he/she should have gave you a prescription for it. Although, over the counter creams work just as well.


Naomi - February 22

I just went through the same thing! only I got a double wammy (as usual) I had a yeast and bacterial infection. If you talk to your doctor about it they will most likely tell you to get the 7 day yeast cream over the counter, and to only insert it halfway into your v____a, the 1 and 3 day creams are too strong and may cause a problem with your cervix. I would say talk to your doctor before you do anything about it and see what they recommend. I didn't even know i had any infection as i didn't even have the usual itching and burning a__sociated with it nor the wonderful odor that usually accompanies. I jsut had a HUGE increase in discharge.


kayleigh - February 22

hi just wondering wat is a yeast infection ?


chloe - February 28

thanks for ur dr. did give me a prescription, but it was a tablet to insert and it was only a three day thing...i tried it once and the tablet wouldnt stay in it kept coming out. How do you keep it in there? and the very same day i did that about 4-5 hours later a gush of some kinda fluid came out...i dont know what this is and my dr. is clueless...i only live in a very small town,,,and i find it more informing talking on this


naomi - March 2

well i know when i did the cream i had it all come back out at once it was really Gross! Kaylee a yeast infection is an infection that is Very Common, can cause itching and burning while urinating. I had no signs of it how ever. I am now 33 weeks and on bed rest due to starting early labor on the 28th of February. any way as far as keeping the ovule inside i would suggest inserting it when you are laying down i would say as you get in bed for the night. that should help keep it in there for a while also talk to your doctor about yogurt that always seems to help with yeast infections for far as the fluid, there is a little strip they can use to tell you if it was amniotic fluid. to me sounds like what did disolve of the ovule just came back out all at once. anyway Hope all goes well. I gotta go lay back down and drink more fluids just got done with my pills to keep me from having more contractions, but i will continue to check in and see how you are doing every now and then. Good luck!


chelsey williams - March 2

I have the same problem its best to go see a doctor. They gave me one pill called Difluican



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