Innie Or Outie

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melody - April 29

I'm 32 weeks and my belly button is still an innie. This is my third pregnancy and my first two children my belly button was an outie (which means it popped out) Has anyone had this happen to them???


navel - May 16

my navel is an outy now and i am 8 months pregnant ..but its so big.Its more than a finger long .Has any one heard of this before?


Ash - May 16

Im 36 weeks.. still an Innie :D


Erin - January 27

this is to navel. I have heard of it before cause my moms belly b___ton got like that and now mine is really big and it looks weird cause it has bumps and lines and this little nub sticking out and totally senssitive but your bellyb___ton sounds cute though LOL


anita - January 27

i'm 33wks and mine is an outie. it went from sticking half in and half out, to being completely flat, to the outie it is now.


Emy - January 27

37 weeks in a couple of days and still an innie...


Ashley N - January 27

I'm 36+ weeks and mine is . . . flat. Flat and stretched to the limit and discolored and sort of dead looking. I'm not sure it will ever be the same, lol!


Marlene - January 27

32wks mines is an outie-I hope it goes back in!!


Mel - January 27

31 weeks and mine is completely flat. if it weren't for the different color skin in that wouldn't even look like I have a belly b___ton. Don't worry goes back. haha


Honey Bee - January 27

29 weeks and still an innie


Amy - January 27

I'm 30, and mine has being and outie for two weeks!!


JennyC - January 27

still an innie - 32 weeks


Heather - January 27

Flat, sister, flat. It looks really weird too.


shelly - January 27

38 weeks and it's barely an innie, it's almost flat


Erin - January 28

My bellyb___ton was never completely an innie, I always called it an in-betweenie.. anyway it went flat as soon as I started showing and popped out at about 5 months or so


jb - January 28

I am 37 weeks and a few days and I still have an innie.


Jilloh - January 28

still an innie.....31 weeks



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