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Evonna - May 18

Has your belly button popped out? or is it still hiding ... My belly button sticks way out that it is visible through the shirts i wear. I always thought that pregnant women with an outtie was cute. But my outtie is not like any cute lil' outtie, it's more of an 'not so cute' outtie because it sticks WAY out there. Some women have that 'innie' which will never be an 'outtie' because there belly button is so deeply engraved. I had an outtie ever since i was 12-13 weeks. Maybe because i have always been an 'outtie' all my life. Do you have an outtie or innie now that you are showing?


krista-lee - May 18

not me! im 39 weeks and my b___tons still an innie, but its kinda flatened out with my stomach lol.


starr - May 18

Well it's kind of weird because with my first two pregnancies my belly b___ton was a definite outtie. People would say that my belly b___ton was bigger than my belly. But now on baby #3, it barely sticks out at all.


livdea - May 18

I'm about even...mine sticks out a little bit but not too bad...yet!


Steph - May 18

I'm still an innie and was with my first pregnancy as well. Basically it was flush with the rest of my stomach.


ash2 - May 19

mine is just flattened out. easier to clean !!!!! lol


dee23 - May 19

lol 31 weeks and mine is still an innie...although it sticks straight up under my skin when im standing and only becomes normalish when i lay down. its weird.


torbman - May 19

Mine is an innie still too but flattened out. My hubby gets a kick out of it, and thinks its a game of catch when I am laying down and have to cough or start laughing. Little sucker just pops right out. Its good for a laugh.


Shannah - May 19

28 weeks and still an innie, not sure if will pop out or not. It is getting a little stretched!


Nora1 - May 19

Mine popped out pretty early on. But it is the strangest thing...sometimes (depending on the way baby is laying, I guess) it doesn't stick out now! This just started happening recently. But for the most part, it's become a big ol outie!


ash2 - May 19

mine didnt start stretchig untill about 33-34 weeks.



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