Insomnia And Itchy Help Me Someone

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hillcrest - January 25

ahhhhhh! cant sleep at night, and i am sooooooooo itchy!! help any advice


tritty - January 25

don't know what to tell you for the itchiness but when i really can't sleep i just take a tylenol pm. it does wonders and helps me get through those nights i just can't sleep.


JenniferRose - January 25

Oh my tritty, i thought tylenol PM was potential deadly to the baby? My doctor told me never to take it during pregancy, sense i too was having a hard time sleeping?


hillcrest - January 25

thanx, but if anyone knows of ANY kind of remedy plea__see lemme know! i am turning into a zombie!


baby020607 - January 26

Most doctors will give the okay to use Benadryl during pregnancy, which can help with both the itching and the lack of sleep. If you are having a lot of problems, your doc may even prescribe Ambien. I have had the same problems. I try to avoid hot showers and use lots of lotion to help with the itchiness. As far as the lack of sleep, I have kind of given up at this point. Even when I do fall asleep, I wake up every hour or two to pee :) I hope you find some relief soon! (PS- I think my doc said Tylenol PM was okay as well, but I would ask your own provider about his/her suggestions.)


Gretta - January 26

I would say Benedryl too!!! Its on my safe sheet.


cindernar - January 26

My doc said that both Benadryl AND Tylenol PM were perfectly safe. I've taken both several times.


starlight_94 - January 26

I also have very itchy skin, but only at night when I am trying to sleep!! What works best for me is to take a warm bath right before bed and then put on lotion RIGHT away. I use Aveeno lotion which works REALLY well, but i still itch once and a while especially my feet! If there is anything else that you have heard of let me know! Im willing to try anything too :) Good luck!


hillcrest - January 27

thanx everyone...i wish all of us with sleeping problem can chat! like in the middle of the night! help eachother kill time! cant wait till MARCH! is there a live chat room?


cjelatis - January 27

I also have been really itchy at night and have asked my dr what to do. She said I was the third current pregnant patient of hers experiencing this right now. Her recommendation is either to try extra moisturizing lotions before bed or to take Benadryl or Tylenol PM. I've been taking Benadryl and have had no problems with the itching once it kicks in. As far as the sleep goes, good luck, it's probably just going to get worse until baby comes. Even though I don't itch after the Benadryl I still am up every hour and have to take a nap during the afternoon to make it through the day.



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