Installing Car Seats Dodge 1500 Single Cab

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Amber M. - August 2

Does anyone have a Dodge 1500 pickup "single cab", and know how to install a car seat into the middle seat? We are having trouble, the only way so far is to install the car seat in the passager side...but we'd really like to use the middle. Also, if anyone knows of a website I can check out for finding the best car seat for this type of vehicle please let me know!


Katharine - August 2

the dealer might be able to help, or the local police station/state police.


Heidi - August 2

We have the same but the extended cab and I'd like to still put the baby in the middle between us up front. I'm hoping it will fit. What year is your Dodge? Ours is a '98. I just a__sumed it would fit.


Amber M. - August 2

Heidi...ours is a 2002, and i'm really hoping someone knows the answer to fitting it in the middle, otherwise it will be a ha__sle for ME to sit in the middle!


Heidi - August 2

No kidding! I'll have to try it out with the infant seat in our '98. Ask your local PD but I work at our local PD and we have no clue!!!! Sad to say.... It may not be made to fit an infant seat though so you might be riding in the middle. I have a back seat but when we take the pooch with I'd like to put the baby in between us in the middle. It appears there's just as much room in ours and has a middle seatbelt. I'll have to try it after I get the infant seat.


sera - August 2

we have an ford f 250 and even tho we have a back seat, its the tiniest thing in the world. its so frustraiting.


Jbear - August 2

When my first daughter was born, our only vehicle was a Chevy 1500 single cab. It was a standard, so it had a big gearshift sticking up in the way. The only way we found to put the infant seat in the truck was to slide the bench seat all the way back. The infant seat with the base was the only kind that would fit with enough clearance for the gearshift. Not all infant seats are the same size or shape. Evenflo seemed to be the smallest (best fit). Your owner's manual might have useful info about installing it, or like the other posters have said, your dealership should be able to help you. You will have to find out about disabling the airbags. An airbag hitting the back of an infant seat in an accident can be fatal. As it was, once I was pumping gas and a man came up and pointed to my daughter's seat strapped into the middle of our truck, and said he was going to feel really bad for me when I got in an accident and killed my baby. I told him to mind his own business unless he was offering to buy me a different vehicle, because I couldn't help it that the truck was all I had. And then he left, and I sat there and cried because he had scared me. So don't be suprised if you get some unwanted advice about where your baby seat is.



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