Internal Checkups

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HH - May 5

Hello ladies, this may sound like a stupid question but I was wondering how an internal checkup is done? I know they check you from down below for dialation, but how? Do they insert something? Is it visible by just looking? i just feel nervous, and hated actually, when doctors put something in there like they do for papsmear test and mucus swap. Thanks alot!


mayaB - May 5

My doctor has checked me by hand and with ultrasound from down 'there'. Last time he inserted his finger in my cervix to see how dilated I was. It is just a tid tid tid bit uncomfortable, especially if you arent all that open. I was only 1cm dilated. Before that he had used an internal ultrasound to make sure I wasnt opening up earlier.


Evonna - May 5

Well from me watching discovery health alot, about babies ofcourse and it seems as when they do an internal checkup, they put their whole hand through the v____al ca___l, and and havetwo fingers to feel the cervix of how much your dilating.


HH - May 5

Their WHOLE hand, how? Oh God I'm nervous now, I hate this. What good does it bring to them anyway whether we are dialated or not? We'll deliver when we deliver! I just have to relax I guess so I won't make things more uncomfortable. Thanks ladies for your inputs and best of luck to you both!


Nita_ - May 5

OH MY GOD!! whole hand is really scary too! I think my midwife said I have an option of whether to get my cervix checked or something..i think she was refering to the internal exam, if so, I'm going to opt out!! that's scary!


mayaB - May 5

I dont think they put the whole hand in so dont worry HH!!!!!!. The cervix isnt that deep down anyways.


Tillie - May 5

I just had one--and I think it actually was nearly the whole hand! Not up to the wrist or anything, but they have to get really far up there with two fingers, so it's not all that pleasant. But it's fast! Don't worry. No where near the size of a baby's head anyway!


iakram - May 5

Hi HH - The ladies are right...It's the Dr's hand or fingers that go way up there...I hate it as well..I hate pap tests I just hate them....Ahhh well with DS I had this really horrible lady [Dr on call] who put her fingers up me and I felt like they were sharp pencils that she poked up there..when I made a face...she said relax it's not the end of the world...but my own Dr was really good and gentle. This preg no one has taken a look down there...I thought it was a bit odd...


N - May 5

It's actually only 2 or 3 fingers and isnlt that bad at all. Don't worry!


HH - May 5

Thank you ladies, you're all great! I really hope it's only couple of fingers without the need to go further deep inside. I just don't like it when the doctor does things down there, all I can think about is "Aahh mind your own business" :-) Oh well appointment is this coming Wednesday, I'll be 36 weeks then, so we'll see if she does the internal checkup..I won't remind her for sure ;-) mind you she's really good and does not forget anything :-S


Yoko - May 5

I just had my check up at 35 wks. I'm dialated the size of a fingertip already. Baby is getting ready! As for the exam, the dr only put 2 fingers in to check the cervix. It was uncomfortable for me since that area was very tight. I think thats because my husband and I have been abstaining from intercourse for 4 months now due to some bleeding that had occured. So that area hasn't been touched for awhile. :) Otherwise, my pap smear checks before were painless before. It's weird.


krista-lee - May 5

my doctor said it would be the same as a pap, but insted of swabbing the cervix he'll feel it to check for any dilation


Evonna - May 5

lol, no..they only put half the hand inside to really feel your cervix correctly. It seemed kind of scary because as i was watching it on discovery healh, the doctor has did the internal exam and the girl cried out loud. I was like omg!


Been There - May 6

The whole hand is nothing compared to that head coming out. By then, your v____a is preparing to stretch. But I hate those internal checks too.


Evonna - May 6

that is so true been there, it ain't nothing like having that big ol' head coming out.


^lucy^ - May 8

hi HH.. i saw ur thread 2 days before but i didnt have the answer cz i never experienced an internal checkup.. but now its different.. i had my 1st internal checkup ever today.. im 37 weeks and few days today.. well,, i cant tell u it doesnt hurt.. it hurted me a bit but im a baby in those experiences so dont take me as an example.. but no believe me the dr was so nice and she did it as fast as she could.. it wasnt the whole hand definately.. i couldnt see honestly but i think it was 2 fingers.. the most part that hurts is cz she entered her fingers and went really up.. i felt she was close to my heart :p i know its stupid but i was so tense since its my first experience. it lasted for few seconds only.. but the good news is that i came to know im 1 cm dilated and baby has dropped :D i could have my baby within a week as my dr told me.. good luck to u and go for it,if u dont have the choice dont worry its not a big deal :)


HH - May 8

Thank you all, I really hope my doctor (a__suming she does an internal on me) does it really quickly and get it over with. To ^lucy^ congratulations on your baby's position, good luck to you and everybody else in your deliveries!



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