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alirenee86 - October 16

What exactly is involved with an internal exam? I have my first one next week...what they described is done is different than what I thought...Thanks...


Tink - October 16

my doc has been doing them since almost 34 weeks since i had some weird discharge she was checking. it's just like a pap, she uses her fingers to check me and see if i am effacing/dilating etc. It just takes seconds and is usually uncomfortable and a little painful. that's all my OB does. I've been 50% effaced and 1cm for 2 weeks now


Pipa - October 16

My experiences have been the same as what Tink described though I've just had the for the routine checking since 36 wks. They are fairly uncomfortable but super quick. One of them they will get a swab to check for a type of bacteria that may require antibiotics during the delivery. It's pretty straightforward and may cause a little spotting but hasn't with me. Just check with your doc to make sure he/she thinks that is norm and whether they want you to notify them should it happen.


alirenee86 - October 17

Thanks. I had the bacterial swab done already. Came back negative which is good of course. I guess that is it then. Easier than someone I know that had a baby described. She told me it's worse than labor and that you have the doctor's whole hand up there feeling around a the head and position of the baby all with their hand and said it's so horrible. I agree, the pap like part of it is uncomfortable but it's quick and pretty painless. Thanks again!


Tink - October 17

i hear the exams are more painful and invasive int he hospital, since they are feeling for more up there and aren't as worried about infection at that point, since are you there to have the baby by that point. not looking forward to it at all. the doc office checks are painful enough. i can't imagine them digging around in there at the hospital while in labor. ugh! lol



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