Internal Examinations

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Kate N Baby Tre' - December 29

Hi ladies. I know most of you dread having this done as do I but I am concerned because I am 35 weeks and have only had one internal done and that was at my first check up when i found out I was pregnant. The doctor told me they don't usually do them until 39 weeks. That seems a little late in the game for me. Thank you for your advice.


Heather - December 29

I had the same concern as you. I didn't even have an internal done at my first appointment. I asked my doctor at my 28 week appointment when he would start doing an internal and he said when I asked for it. He said that as long as everything is normal there was no need for it - he said that internals increase the chances of infection as bacteria can be introduced then and there was no need to make me uncomfortable. It still seems a little weird to me though but I totally trust this doctor. I have been through a lot with him and he has never let me down. I think I am going to ask for one around 38 weeks to see if anything is progressing.


Jbear - December 29

I started having internals at 34 weeks. I had a c-section scheduled for 37 weeks and the doc wanted to make sure I wouldn't go into labor sooner.


Heather - December 29

Jbear, were you having complications?


heth3680 - December 29

I started internal exams at 35 weeks. I just went for one today in fact (37 weeks) and you aren't missing anything!! They HURT! The only thing it has done so far is make me more anxious. The Dr tells me how dialated I am, and what % effaced. It just makes me more anxious.. so I wish I wasn't getting them!!


Ginny - December 29

I had one at my 36 week check-up, because I was getting the GBS test done anyway. I was lialated 1 cm, and I haven't been having any probalems, so she said we'd do it agin in 2 weeks. Mine wasn't that uncomfortable, but I do have a fairly gentle dr.


Sam - December 29

I'm off to my internal this afternoon. It's my first and I'm 35 weeks.


Heather - December 29

Most drs don't do them until l37 + weeks because of the increase chance for infection and the aggravation to your cervix can induce labor.


LRK - December 29

I am up for one tomorrow at 36 weeks. My doula said that she advises women against having them tell you how dilated you are because it can only get your hopes up or down. According to her, you might get the news that you are 3 cm, then spend the next 3 or 4 weeks worried about your water breaking at the supermarket. Or, at 38 weeks, they could tell you that you are only 1 cm. Then, you worry that you are not progessing--not realizing that the next day you jump to 4 cm. I might find out anyway, with the knowledge that the figure does not really matter.


Kate N Baby - December 29

Thank you ladies. I really appreciate it. I guess I am just at that anxious point in my pregnancy. I hope all goes well for everyone. Good luck


Rachel.R - December 29

To Kate, I think it might depend on where you live, most of the women on here live in the US, and talk about getting internals done at 36 weeks etc, but im from sydney, and my doc told me yesterday, that they would only do one at 39 weeks or 40 weeks, i was abit disapointed, but thats the way they do things here.. But yeh, I didnt have an internal done at my first appointment, my doctor was really slack, i found out at 5 weeks, and she told me to come back whenever... no set day or anything. so i changed doctors at 11 weeks, my new doc got straight into things, cause my old doc neglected to tell me about the 12 week scan. Risks about the medications i was on at the time.. anything..


Jbear - December 29

Heather, I had preeclampsia. It was a repeat c-section.


shelly - December 30

i just had mine at 35 weeks, wasnt that bad. My sis is also pregnant and had one the same day, but was 37 weeks and she was 1 cm dialated. she also did i guess its the gbs to see if i have any infections, which i dont. But it really isnt bad, i guess it depends on your doc.


Chrisy - January 1

I had my first at 36 weeks. But I don't want it again!!! It hurt for me too!!! It gave me piece of mind but I was sore for a week!!



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