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al - February 1

hi all! I had my first internal exam yesterday. I didn't expect it to be so uncomforatable! Also, I had more bleeding than i thought would happen. Still today I am sore from the exam. I was 1 cm dialated but my cervix was still thick. My doctor wants me to come in next monday for another exam and if i progress to 2-3cm he will break my water. He dosen't want me to deliver a big baby since i'm so small.... Anyone else have any comments on their internal exams...I am so scared to get my next one!


JennyC - February 1

well, now I'm scared to get my first one! Just teasing, I had already heard it wasn't too comfy - so I'm not really looking forward to it at all. Was it uncomfortable due to the Group B test, or the actual cervix check?


al - February 1

no--the group B test I had a few weeks ago. I wouldn't really consider it an internal since it the culture was on the outside...that didn't hurt a tad. Don't be scared...maybe my doctor has big hands or i'm just very sensitive!


JennyC - February 1

OK, thanks. I think my doc does them at the same time - at 36 weeks. I'm 33 weeks now, so I have some time before I need to worry. Good luck at your next exam.


jb - February 1

I had my first internal this past Monday. I was 1cm also. I am 37 weeks and the doctor was very surprised that my cervix was anterior already. She said she didn't expect me to go to my due date. I hope she is right, but I am not holding my breath!!! As she started my intrnal, she said "you aren't going to like me very much for these next few appointments" (as she started to checked my cervix). It didn't hurt at all, it just felt uncomfortable. It was quick (she was in there maybe 3-5 seconds). I had my group B strep test the thursday before ( I still don't know the results) and that was a piece of cake. I don't know why people say that one hurts. All they do is swab you. It is equivalent to taking a q-tip and wipeing it once on your skin. There is nothing invasive about it what so ever.


jb - February 1

ohhhh...and I had no bleeding as a result of the internal.


shelly - February 1

I had an internal exam at 37 weeks and that didn't hurt at all. Then at 38 weeks I had an exam and I was dialated to 1 and was 75% effaced and it hurt alot!! It hurt while he was doing it and it was soar for the next day too!! I didn't have any bleeding, but now i'm nervous to get my next exam on friday!!


Melissa - February 1

I think it depends if they do it well or not. Had one at 36.5 weeks and it was inconfortable, but not painful. I bled afterward. The next time, she was in for like 2 seconds and I did not bleed. This last week, it was juste a little unconfortable. He said he was touching the baby's head.Cool! Am at 4cm and 75% effaced and baby dropped. I bleed more this time, like for a day and a half, not constant only when I went to the bathroom. Here, we have a choice to have them or not. I chose to have them to get used to having someone down there touching and checking things out since they will be doing that for hours when labour comes.


Erin - February 1

I had my first internal last thursday, as well as my strep test. The strep test felt weird, but did not hurt. When she checked my cervix it was uncomfortable because she had to really get in there but didn't hurt, I never felt sore afterwards and had no spotting.. but I was dilated 2 cm and 50% effaced! I have my next check tomorrow and am hoping for more progress...


melissa - February 1

I had my first internal couple days ago at 36 wks -- it was slightly uncomfortable but no biggie at all. I was 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced apparently. She said the baby's head was very low. I am having a c-section at 38 wks due to health issues and now I'm worried about going into labor before! I did bleed for a day after, not bright red or anything but I was surprised there was anything. It tapered off after that day.


andrea - February 1

wow- you guys are all dilating quickly. That's so awesome! I'm 35 weeks and haven't had an internal yet. I think it will be next week, so hopefully I'll be dilated too.


Ronni - February 1

Could someone tell me what the strep test is?


mom2 - February 2

i have my first internal on all are worring me:) with my first i cant remember if it hurt, its wierd i guess once my son came into the world i just developed amnisia to all the pain i went through:) its funny because were all so close on this thread i bet if you look into our homes we would all be anxious and walking up and down stairs....i know at night when i cant get comfortable if screamed out "Just come already honey!!" my dh thinks its hallarious. Best of luck to you all i know i cant wait!


Tara-Maree - February 21

Hello, i am 6 weeks pregnant and went for an early internal exam. It was uncomfortable at first, but it was alright. This morning i noticed one lot of discharge when i went to the toilet. It was like a yellow sort of goo (sorry!) and it was tainted brown/pinky. I was wondering if this is normal after an internal exam. Because, i am very worried. The doctor said it is nothing to worry about, but of cause, being so early, can you blame me? it only happened once and i am completely dry now. Thank you all.


Tess - February 21

How far along are you when you had your 1st internal exam?


julieB - February 22

I just had my first internal exam at 36 weeks last Wednesday.. I was upset to hear that last week my cervix was totally closed. I thought for sure I was at least 1 centimeter.. well I hope for better news tomorrow ..I will be 37 weeks, with my first. The nurse said that you get one every week after 36 weeks.. The strep B test was done at 35 weeks because I was having a lot of cramping. It is an infection some women can have and can transfer it to the baby seriously harming the baby.. During labor the doctor will administer anti-biotics and the baby will be fine.. Hope that helps Ronni... Good luck to everyone....


jessielouwho - February 23

I had my first internal exam on Monday at 39 weeks and 2 days. I am only dialated to 1.5cm and my cervix is not effacing. I had no pain and no bleeding or discharge afterwards. Did any of you allow your doctors to strip your membranes? I did not allow my doctor to do that because I want the baby to come on his own. If you're not sure this may be something you need to ask, if you haven't had your exam yet, you should definately discuss it with your doctor before your exam is done.



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