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tlew - April 13

What week did your dr began to give internals?


Chelle - April 13

Mine started at 36 weeks.


maxsmom - April 13



Tess - April 13

Well......Im 35 wks tomorrow and I have my next appt. next wk (wednesday) I'll be 36 wks by then. My Dr. said after that appt. he would want to see me every wk. Perhaps at 36 wks thats when my Dr. will perform the internal exam.


Chrissy - April 13

32 weeks but that's because I had preterm labor.


Karen S - April 13

Mine was at 35 weeks only b/c I was cramping and seeing stars. Everythings fine but she just started doing them then.


Ciera.Danielle - April 13

usually at 38 but i asked at 37.


Monique - April 14

I was convinced she dropped so my doc checked at 34 weeks and nothing. My doc says usually 36 weeks.


mayaB - April 14

what exactly is an internal? My doctor has been checking me inside with his hands and with the u/s since the beginning. to make sure everything was closed. Is that what you ladies mean? if that is so, I've been having internals since the beginning.


mom2b2x - April 14

Diffrent doctors doit at diffrent times depending on whats goin on ... if you go in because you feel like something is not right they will do it then but they usually start doing it weekly at about 36 weeks because they say having an internal can cause some women to start the laboring process after an exam ... i have had 4 since i was 30 weeks and i am 37 weeks now but i have not had a problem becasue of it ... gluck


Nita_ - April 14

I'm in my 30th week now and was at my last monthly appt with my midwife yday. She mentioned towards the end like around 37-38th week, if I wanted, they would check my cervix etc to see how I'm doing (I guess that's what an internal exam is). But she said its totally upto me, if I didn't want it, she wouldn't do it. I'm not sure right now, so will see when I'm at that stage how I feel. :)


Rakklk - April 14

36 weeks


TaraNMatt - April 15

Last week I had my first internal exam at 36 weeks. Its kind of uncomfortable, and I did have heavier than usual discharge afterwards. All she said was that I'm starting to efface and my body has started its process...I hope it hurries up I am sooo ready to meet my little boy. =)


Jilloh - April 16

37 weeks but it all depends on your doctor--because my doctor gave them at 37 weeks and each week after, I had to see a different doctor during that time (mine was out of town) and his nurse ASKED me if I wanted one. I told her I wouldnt feel right not getting one because I know that my doctor does them every week from 37 on.


meme - April 16

That's cool that you were asked. I had to tell my doc I don't want 'em.


mayaB - April 17

What is an internal exam? Is it when the doctor 'inspects' you with his hands inside? Or is there more to it. ( I ask becuase my doctor has been doing this examination since my 4th week).


mandydoid - April 17

The NHS trust I am with (in the UK) don't do any internal exams untill you are over due. The policy is once you get to 41+3 days you are referred from your midwife to a consultant who examines you to see what is happening if you have started to dilate and efface you will then be booked in for an induction some time over the next 7 days, so you will be induced before 42 weeks.



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