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AML - March 28

When do you get your first one? What exactly is it?


pbj - March 28

It depends on your doctor. I believe I had my first internal at 37 weeks. Basically they just check to see if you're dialated or effaced at all. They may sweep your membranes toward your last week or so, which is separating your uterus from the pubic bone. It can be a bit uncomfortable, it was for me, but I have friends who said they didn't feel it at all. I guess it just depends on the person.


AML - March 28

ohhh ok! I have no clue to what some things are! This is afterall my first time! Thanks!!


meme - March 29

They are not mandatory. You may choose to have or not have one. Just let your doc know which your preference is. Personally, since I don't want unnatural disruption of my pregnancy and birthing process, and since I don't care how dialated and effaced I am (since it actually has no bearing on when a woman will go into labor or how her labor will go), I opted out. The only time I have or will "strip" was in the beginning for the initial pap, and yesterday for the group B strep test. It's up to you.


meme - March 29

By the way, I'm nearly 37 weeks.


Tess - March 29

So.....right around 37 wks eh? Im only 33 wks this pretty much I have 4 wks left til my OB do an internal for me. It is also my 1st so I have no clue. Do they do that even if youre having a c-sec or either way?


Daniella - March 30

It is all up to your doctor. Also, how you are progressing.. if you show signs of possible preterm labor then they will do an internal earlier. I went in at 33 weeks last week because I lost my plug and lots of cramps. He did an exam and found out I am already dilating and effacing. If I didn't go in, I probably wouldn't have got the exam until week 36. Oh, if you had a previous birth before 37 weeks, they usually do an exam sooner because your at higher risk.


Tess - March 30

Thanks for that info. Daniella :D Im learning alot. hehehehe This is our 1st baby so...Im pretty clueless. (can you tell?)



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