Intuition Or Optomism

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erin - October 20

Okay, I don't know why but I feel like I just know my baby boy is coming early. This is my first pregnancy and I will be the first to admit that half the time I don't know what the heck I'm feeling but I really think he'll be early, and big if that makes any sense. I have only gained 11 lbs and am 34 wks, I say this because its not like I am so huge I feel like I'm going to pop I just have this sixth sense thing going on. I might just be optomistic but does anyone else feel that they know? Even the people I work with say I am carrying real low and they don't see how I will make to December.


Jenell - October 20

I feel the same way. I am due Jan. 16 but for some reason I think this baby is going to come on Christmas. I don't know if I am just hoping for that, or if it is a mother's intuition. Guess we'll see


Christy - October 20

I think that intuition is definitely real. I am due 11/26, but think he is coming earlier (hoping a few days before Thanksgiving.) I had a feeling he is going to bebig, but the ultrasound last Thursday confirmed it. His estimated weight is 6 lb 12 oz at 34 weeks. I also had a feeling he was a boy and that is what they said the ultrasound showed.


Jen - October 20

I think there is something to the intuition thing. I just knew the second I found out I was pregnant that it was a boy- I just knew. I also have had a feeling that he will be a few weeks early, and my due date was just moved up from December 11 to November 26. : )


lisa - October 20

hate to break the chain, but i was certain i would go early by several weeks, convinced by the fact my mum went early with us kids i just sensed it too, but im sat here now due tommorow still pregnant, a word of advice, they say dont get your hopes up about your due date, well definatly dont get your hopes up for early then you will end up feeling like me still one day to go untill my date but feeling like im several weeks over


Sophia - October 21

There's really nothing wrong with going past the due date, or even with giving birth early. The body knows when to give birth, and most women don't give birth on "the day"


Steph - October 21

Erin - I feel the same as you do, and also have people at work telling me all the time that I will never make it to my due date. I am due November 25th. I just try to focus on the short term goals and getting through week by week. I am trying to focus on 5-6 weeks because that is the longest I will go from this point - I am due in 5 and my doctor induces once anyone is a week overdue. So as much as I have the same feelings you do - I just try to focus on my actual dates, so if she does come early it will be that much more exciting and feel that much earlier than focusing on her coming early and her end up coming late. Good Luck!!



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