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jenna32 - September 20

my doctor prescribed me this iron supplement "palafer",i'm 30 weeks now. i was wondering if everyone had to take it at this stage or did it say i'm anemic or something? She didn't mention anything about me being anemic so i'm a little confused. thanks.


rebolson - September 20

Hi~I'm 30 weeks as well and my doctor's office called me yesterday (had blood work done last Friday) and told me that due to low iron, my doctor wants me to start taking 325 mg of iron sulfate twice daily because I'm anemic. I've never heard of "palafer" and I'm just using an OTC iron supplement. "What to Expect...." says that anemia can rear its ugly head in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, so I would guess that is what's going on with you too. Good luck!


angiedk77 - September 20

For a pregnant woman they consider your iron to be normal if it's 35 or above. If you go below 35 it still doesn't mean you are anemic unless your count is too low. Mine was a 33. I was prescribed 325 mg of an iron supplement to take daily. That was over 8 weeks ago. They check my iron levels 2 weeks ago and they were going up, which is good. The reason they want you to take a supplement if b/c they want to make sure you are getting everything you need as the baby is taking everything from you. They also want to make sure the levels don't drop anymore and will prescribe a supplement to help either get the count back up or atleast stay where it is. When you deliver you will lose blood and they don't want your counts to be too low at that time b/c that can make you anemic which canmake your situation even worse to where you may need a transfusion. Don't worry, the supplements will help you, just make sure you take them as directed.


sarah21 - September 20

Just a side note for you ladies, if you are taking iron, make sure it is a chelated iron. Otherwise, it is not easily absorbed and can cause constipation without doing you a lot of good. Dr.'s will sometimes argue that it is not true, but based on personal experiences with my father on chemotherapy and me being anemic all the time, it works. At least give it a try. :)


jenna32 - September 20

thanks everyone! i know it's going to do good but i just wasn't sure if it meant my test came back not so good.Sarah thats exactly what my doctor said to that taking too much of the supplement can make you constipated,i guess some doctors agree!


Tink - September 21

i would a__sume you are anemic if she has you taking a prescription supplement. i have been anemic the whole pregnancy (runs in the family, sister has thalasemia minor). i was on repliva and i actually stopped taking it. it was killing my constipation problem which was already bad to begin wtih. the doc switched me to another one that is a little easier to manage, but i still only take it every few days. gotta trade one evil for another. The anemia won't 'hurt' your baby- the baby will the nutrients and iron it needs. you will just feel more tired being anemic. plus my doctor says they will be prepared to do a possible blood transfusion at delivery in case i should lose a lot of blood or something. she said really those are the only things to worry about it doing.



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