Iron Pill Probs

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meme - March 1

My iron is a little on the low side, so my ob prescribed me iron pills. But I think they're upsetting my digestive flow. I'm a vegetarian, so I'm not going to eat liver. Anyone have tips that worked for them besides pills?


Lisa - March 1

I take mine actually on an empty stomach with grape or apple juice, not sure if that's good or not but when I'd take them with OJ like suggested it made my digestive tract feel like it was going to explode!!!


redhead mary - March 1

i took mine with a tomato and vegenaise sandwich.... My man is vegan so there is only the rare bit of dairy in our house ever... but i know you shouldnt take it with dairy!!!!! that impairs the ability of the iron ...take it with VIT. C...fruit juice is good but i always found it gave me too bad of heartburn...and that in turn woke me up puking up a storm in the middle of the night. My best this long a__s post... is to take it before bed, with some food or drink item that has vit. c.... hope all this babble helps....oh yah.. Im 38 weeks 4 days and im getting a c section in 3 more sleeps!!! im starting to get really silly....Good job on saving the animals!!! a vegetarian can save 50 lives a year....


meme - March 1

Hey, thanks ladies. :) I was wondering, as vegetarians/vegans, if you also just ate any iron-rich foods that seemed to help. I'm going to try that taking them on an empty stomach before bed with only a little vit C. I've been taking them in the morning with the rest of my supplements (prenatals, calcium, & acidophilus) after a meal. The box says to take three a day, but I can't seem to find that many times a day that my stomach is actually empty... what with being so hungry all the time. I'm 33 weeks now. Thank you again!


Ba8y6irl - March 1

my doc suggested Spinach and Brocolli because they are high in Iron :)


J - March 1

Hi doctor told me to take my iron pills at a different time of day from my prenatals because they can each interfere with the other's absorption. Like Ba8y6irl said, spinach and broccoli are high in iron, as well as some other green leafy vegetables. My doctor also recommended oatmeal and raisins.



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