Irritable Uterus What Is Going On With Me

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sotired31 - May 16

Well I'm having my 5th child...I started contracting at 20 weeks..They told me I have irritable uterous. I am now 33 weeks and 5 days. My contractions are so strong with bad back cramping..The go all the time day and night sometimes really close together and sometimes further apart but painful more painful every single day. The doc told me they are not changing my cervix and that I am open to 2 cm because I have had children before. I don't sleep. I'm exhausted. Everything hurts and alls I want to do is cry.....I'm so scared about labour because this is all so wierd. The doctor told me the baby is completley engaged and dropped in my pelvis. I can't walk right either. This has been such a long stressful pregnancy.. The last three times i went in for non stress tests the babies heart rate would go up to between 190 and 210 for about 15 minutes or 20 and then down to normal. When she moves around her heart rate goes extremely high but does go down again. They have checked for infections they have done every test they can.. When she moves it hurts. She moves way more than my other children did.. She soooooooo active. I'm so nervous about her heart rate. So I have to got for nst every week and see the doctor every week.... I feel like i'm in labour every day.. They hurt so much.... I have never heard of all of this before i hadn't really had this with my four other children. No one understands how tired and frustrated and worried I am. She just did some thyroid tests today to see if that is why the babys heart rate is becoming so elevated at times. It really doesn't matter what I do they just go every day all around the clock and every day are worse and worse.... Sorry to complain so long I just really need someone to talk to I feel helpless and tired and just want to run away from myself for a bit...


bubbasmom - May 16

I'm sorry you are going through this. I can understand to a point as this pregnancy (31 weeks with my second) has been much more stressful than my first. This pregnancy has worsened a heart condition I have and makes my own heart rate increase which makes me very tired and dizzy and I get chest pain. My advice is to relax as much as you can. I have been asking for help more frequently because I just can't do everything I was doing before. Have they tested your baby for a heart condition called svt? When I was at the cardiologist this past week discussing my own condition, the doctor told me that babies can get svt which causes their heart rate to beat very fast. Let me know if you want to talk further because I do know somewhat how you feel


kay101 - May 16

Have they given you anything to take for your contractions like brethine or procardia? They should be able to prescribe something to TRY to slow them down. I got put on bedrest at 28 weeks for having contractions 3 minutes apart. They weren't ALWAYS 3 minutes apart, but they would be a lot of the time and after a while I would get so sore from having so many. I had to have a repeat c-section so it really sucked to have to feel like I was in labor for 2 months straight. I had good days and bad days so I totally understand your complaints and worries. Drink lots of water, rest, take warm baths, just try to kind of pamper yourself and try to relax as much as possible.



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