Is 8months To Pregnant To Stand In A Wedding

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nik - December 7

My husband and i have recently decided to try to get pregnant. About the same time my best friend announced her engagement and asked me to stand in her wedding. Im undecided if we should put off trying now. If we concieved this month Id be 8 months along at her wedding. How are you really pregnant girls feeling? Is 8 months too pregnant to wear a bridesmaid dress and actually enjoy myself? Or will I be putting a big burden on her being the exta large person in a bright pink tent of a dress?


lmrod55 - December 7

I would not put your plans on hold to try and get pregnant. You never know how long that is going to take...if it did happen right away yes you will be tired at 8 months along but I would think you would still enjoy yourself - you'd just have to be careful not to over due it!


Ginny - December 7

I say go ahead and try it! Like Imrod55 said, you don't know how long you'll be waiting. If you put it off for a wedding, what will it be next month? And if you do get pregnant, you will be uncomfortable, big, and feeling unpretty, but so far that hasn't stopped me from having a good time! The only problems I would foresee are practical issues like dress fittings - there is no way to know what size and in what areas you will grow, so finding a dress could be nightmarish. That's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck!


marie - December 7

I wiatressed until I was 8 1/2 months along and it made me feel better. So standing at a wedding.....yeah you'll have fun


Kendra - December 7

I was actually just in a wedding, and if I were you I wouldn't worry about it. Services aren't (usually) terribly long - and one of the popular things to do now is have all the bridesmaids in a different style of dress. Same color, obviously, but fit to the style of the person wearing it. So I was able to have a dress that really looked and felt great. Good luck!


Ca__sie - December 7

Maybe ask your friend if she'd be ok with a pregnant bridesmaid. I would think most girls wouldn't mind... but some might. Since it is her wedding, you might want to let her know. And this is just my personal opinion, but I would not have wanted to stand up in a wedding at 8 mos pregnant.


Brandy - December 7

Nik, just so that you know, bridal shops actually have maternity dresses. Your friend just might have to let you wear a different style.


preggy bride - December 7

i was almost six months when i got married...not too long ago, and while six months isn't eight, i had a great time, beautiful dress, (actual bridal gown with looong train, and everything, bought it big and had it altered the week before.) so go for it......your friend should be fine with it, if your friend would be upset about you being pregnant and in her you really want to be in it? good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


nik - December 8

thanks for all the input, I talked to my friend yesterday and she is completly fine with it. She is excited for us, ( i figured she would be.) I think were going to go for it. However, the other thing i keep worring about is what if something goes wrong and i end up having a baby early, like on her wedding day. Id feel horrible. I suppose, what are the odds? I should worry about one thing at a time. Who says we will even get pregnant right away anyway.


Ashley - December 8

I wouldn't think the odds are great that you would go into labor on your friend's wedding day, but things do happen! ;) I wanted to just add that, it might take a couple of months to get preggers. Try not to stress, just think, ok, I'll be one month less preggo at the wedding! :) Me and my husband were in for a huge suprise when it took nearly 6 months for us! I was 3 months pregnant for my best friend's wedding and that was tough because I was dealing with morning sickness but alot of fun!!! Right now I'm 31 weeks and I'm doing MUCH better than I was at 15, lol! But everybody is different! :)


nancy - December 8

I was in my best friends wedding last month (Nov. 4th) and at the time I was 8 months pregnant. The dress shop altered the dress to fit my belly and everything worked out fine. I just wore slippers under my dress after the church. I wouldn't have missed it and I wanted to be there for her just like she was for me on my wedding day.


Jennifer - December 9

I would not put it off but if you do get pregnant don't get all stressed out about the wedding. Also sit as much as possible and get no healed shoes. I stood up in my brother-in-laws wedding when I was about 6 months and I was in low heals and on my feet all day. I started to spot about 2 days after the wedding and my feet swelled up so bad I could bearly stand. Just take it easy, but if she is a close and good friend I would still stand up in it and don't put it on hold just because of a wedding. Good luck!


Angie - December 10

My sister's wedding is about 3 weeks before I'm due. I'm actually having a dress made the month before (yes it costs more, but I'm larger to begin with and want it to fit) So, that was a hastle. I'm the matron of honor and won't be able to fix the train etc. and I may even have to sit down, but I'll be there for my sister (unless the baby comes a little early and if it does, she'll understand and someone else will stand in my place.) Is it ideal, no, but we're both thrilled. Its her day! She did tell me not to even think of having my water break on that day, but I think she was kidding (at least I hope haha!) Its life! You just roll with the punches. What happens, happens!


nik - January 1

JUST THOUGHT ID UPDATE EVERYONE!!!!! We decided to give it a whirl, and succeded right off the bat! We just took an hpt last night and it was positive, (plus my b___bs confirm it, they are absolutely killing me.) We are so excited I just want to tell EVERYONE in the world. A bridesmaid dress is the last thing on my mind now! Thank you everyone for your input. Also good luck to you all in the weeks and months to come!


jb - January 1

Congrats Nik!! That is great! I know it is so exciting to first find out. How far along would that make you for the wedding?


nik - January 1

i think ill be 35 or 36 weeks along. The funny thing is a week after I posted this question another friend of mine announced her engagement and asked me to be in her july wedding, so for that one I should be about 30 weeks. Talk about a busy couple of months!! I think Im crazy!


Ginny - January 2

How exciting for you!! Congratulations!



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