Is A Dry Birth More Painful Or Is There Such A Thing

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torbman - May 29

I had a customer that his wife's water broke at 29 weeks, and she has been in hospital, and is now 35 weeks . How do they do that? Anyone had that happen? Is that what you would call a dry birth and if so, would that not be more painful? Just curious.


SW - May 29

I always thought that when your water breaks you are supposed to deliver within 24 hours? I am not sure though.


Mandy1984 - May 29

I can't imagine it being anymore painful, It is more common for your waters to break and NOT go into labour than suddenly going into labour and your waters breaking. Either way by the time you push your baby out the waters will have already gone whether they broke 4hrs, 4 days or 4 weeks previous.


lindsay - May 29

i'm a__suming they keep her pumped full of antibiotics to ward infection, and it is my understanding there really is no such thing as a "dry" birth as your amniotic fluid constantly replenishes itself. obviously, they will constantly leak, but you wouldn't be "dry"


starr - May 29

Well, when I was in labor with my second son, my water broke at home but I didn't get any contractions right away.Actually I remained at home for hours before ever feeling any contractions.Finally when I did get to the hosp. I didn't tell the nurses my water had broken already so of course they found out on their own. They asked me how long it had been and I told them.Anyway, my son was born naturally and I have to say that without having the full lubrication of the amnitoic fluid, I thought I was going to die from the contractions and back pain.It wasn't even the pain of him coming out.This was due to low amniotic fluid.The pain was so unbearable I could barely push him out. Let me just mention that my first son was born naturally also and weighed 10lbs 22in,midwife broke my water in hosp. and the pain with him was nowhere near as bad as with the second.So even though it's not technically a "dry birth",not having 100%of your waters does make a difference depending on how long it's been since they broke.


Mommy_Erin23 - May 29

Having your water break before you go into labor is not as common as most women think. About 75% of women's waters don't break until shortly before or during the transition stage of labor. You don't lose all of your fluid as soon as your water breaks, it happens gradually with contractions and later pushing (not mention the lovely after gush). I've never heard of such a thing with the woman at 29wks. Usually you have to deliver with in 24 hours of your water breaking.


kathy - May 30

This happened to someone I know. Her obstetrician said that the body keeps replenishing the amniotic fluid so he just monitored it and I think about a week later she went into labour and had her perfect bub. I was really surprised, it used to be that once the waters had broken, baby had to come asap.


torbman - May 30

Thanks ladies, I Hadn't heard of the really so was a litte shocked when I heard. I to thought that as soon as your water broke that you had the baby. Oh the miracle of birth eh!


ashley - May 30

No they try to keep the baby in as long as possible in that situation. They can do an amnio infusioin to try to replenish the fluid, and ofcourse they monitor like crazy and yes give antibiotics....


torbman - June 3

Wow, who knew this would happen to myself a day later? This is soo weird! My water broke the day after I wrote this and I have been in hospital ever since. It broke tuesday and this is now saturday. I made it to 32 weeks and 1 day which is good otherwise they were going to ship me to another hospital as they don't deliver til 32 weeks. Baby is still quite active. Not much room for him but he seems ok. I am on antibiotics, and have had two steriod shots in my hips for him. I am scared, but he seems to be doing ok. I have to moniter my temp. every four hours and have an ultrasound and another stress test on Sunday morning. I have this really weird feeling that he is gonna come on Monday. I had that same feeling with my girls too and they came on the day. Getting nervous and scared. Not sure what to expect.


starr - June 3

Wow, torbman.That was really weird.Hope everything works out for u and baby.Good Luck and keep us posted.


mommie2b - June 6

I had a dry birth with my daughter and it hurt bad they finally had to use some kind of oil to lubricate it because of it being dry. And its not to common but it does happen and it does not feel good


CamysMama - June 7

Torbman, stay strong! It sounds like you are being given good care, so I know everything will turn out fine. I bet your bambino comes on Monday just as you suspect. My mother's water broke in the morning of my birthday, but she did not go into labor... so she decided to take a 3 mile hike with my dad! LOL - that's just their style, those crazy mountain-climbers! Anyway, after hiking for a while the contractions began, so they turned around and went home. She says when the contractions got so strong she was sure she would bite someone's head off if they asked her to fill out a form and "sign here," she decided it must surely be time to go to the hospital. And I was born that very night, 100% natural, at 11:45pm on my due date! I'm sure it must have hurt like hell, but she always says she had no problem going through labor without pain med. But then as we all know every woman's body is quite different.


torbman - June 8

Thanks CamysMom, I have been given awesome care. I have to go for a non stress test every other day now. I had to go yesterday to the hospital. I thought I was having a heartattack. I couldn't breath and my chest hurt really bad. And as I am on bedrest I have to be careful of blood clots forming. Turns out I had really bad indigestion. I felt embarra__sed but they were really good and said not to feel that way. My water broke at 31 weeks and 4 days, and today is 32 weeks and 6 days. I am hanging in there. Baby is really active still and feels quite weird as there is not much room for him anymore. I had an ultrasound on tuesday, and he was breathing threwout the entire test. He is a strong little guy. I am still loosing fluid a bit but as long as there is no infection and baby is still moving lots they don't seem to concerned. I have a great Docter. He is so funny, he sounds like Eddie Murphy when he laughs. Very kind man. Anyways I am going on like a winded old bag, gee do ya think I am bored LOL. You ladies take care. (Tamara)


jminichiello - July 10

Dry birth refers to a regular, non water birth.  Birth on a bed as apposed to in the water.  Dry birth.  And water birth is typically less painful than a dry birth.  The water helps with relaxing and someone's helps rip less


NElizabeth - August 4

I had never heard of this until I read your post. I hope everything goes OK for you! Im not sure what you are refering to is called a dry birth, but it sounds scary. Im sorry you are going through this. Keep us posted!



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