Is Anyone Else Enjoying This

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Debbie - October 7

Or am I the only one? I'm 35 weeks and I'm so happy! I mean, sure, I'm uncomfortable and I have to pee every 45 minutes and I don't sleep very well and my back hurts...But to be perfectly honest, I LOVE being pregnant. I love to just sit and feel my son moving around in my belly...I love the way my husband looks at me...I love knowing that in a few weeks I'll be able to hold my new baby boy. I feel very empowered being pregnant, and I am trying to relish every moment because this is my first, and I'm sure I wont have as much time to enjoy my next pregnancy.(I'll be so busy with this baby :)) I see so many posts about people being so unhappy, I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Isn't there anyone else out there who feels as happy and lucky as I do?


Ana - October 7

Hello Debbie, I too feel really happy and this is my second boy. Some days I'm really tired but for the most part I feel really happy. I am 33 weeks pregnant.


Barb - October 7

I feel happy and like you, relish the moments sitting on the couch,watching my little girl move inside me :) I'm just so very uncomfortable now and REALLY am ready to be's to the point I just can't wait to hold her...does that make sense? I enjoyed being pregnant...but now, for me anyways, the thrill is gone.. =) I'm 38 weeks


sian - October 7

this is my 3rd baby, im 38 weeks, and yes i love/d being pregnant but theres only so long you can put up with pain and discomfort. i know i will miss being pregnant once my babys born, but ive just got to the point where i just want it over with and want my baby here with me and be comfortable again.


SRG - October 7

I love the feeling of my little guy moving around inside my tummy. I think that is the part I am going to miss the very most. I am now 35 weeks, and dying to see him and hold him. My mom keeps saying don't wish this time away, I am sure she is probably right, but I do look so forward to seeing him. The love I feel for him already is son undescribable. Good Luck ladies!


erica - October 7

I think that I would be happier if I didn't have such a busy schedule. I am tired all of the time and have no energy to do anything. I work full time and go to school 2 nights a week. I am 34 wks and at this point I am ready to be done. I wish that I could just sit back and enjoy it.


Marianne - October 7

I agree with Erica. I started thinking about what would make me feel happier because I have been feeling restless and ready to have my son, but I still have a ways to go-I'm 29 weeks today. I work 10 hour days in a demanding job and travel almost 2 1/2 hours round trip for work. It's exhausting! To top it off,my husband has been in training for work for the last 6 months so it's been a bummer! But I love feeling my son move around all day and find myself talking to him alot:) I can't wait. I've decided to take off work the last month and a half to just relax and pamper myself before my baby is born! A happy mommy will bring a happy baby:)


michele - October 8

I love to feel the baby moving but, im miserable im on 3-4 hrs anight with sleep& i have to pee every 30 min.Im also nervous I just want everything in the end to be fine with the baby& me.


S - October 8

What are you on? I'd like to have some LOL.


lisa - October 9

give it a few more weeks and youll be moaning like the rest of us, trust me, time starts to grind to a hault and youll want your baby out, 35 weeks is not too bad when you get to 38 you a whole lot bigger a whole lot more impatient and uncomfortable.


S.Mclain - October 9

I never felt miserable with either one of my children.I find it so strange when I hear so many women griping about aches and pains.I guess I had it easy or something :) My deliveries were not easy,but carrying the babies was a breeze.Hardly any morning sickness and only somewhat uncomfy towards the end :) Wishing you all good luck !


CH - October 9

yep, you're one of the 'easy' ones :). Lucky Momma :).


Lynn - October 9

I love it too. Everyone keeps asking if I'm "ready to get that baby out" and I'm like NOPE! I have high blood pressure & gestational diabetes so one would think that I would rather have the baby now & be done with all of that but it really doesn't bother me. I love feeling her move & I just love being pregnant in general. I even mentioned to my husband that I would think about being a surrogate mom someday when we are through having kids - that's how much I love being pregnant!


Sara - October 9

To all 'high' moms to be-Do you work? Maybe you just enjoy the pampering that goes with all your problems in being pregnant?


Lynn - October 9

No, actually, I work. More than 40 hours a week too. and have the usual husband, stepson, 2 dogs, house & yardwork to do. And I don't ask for or get a lot of pampering. I have noticed that more people hold doors for you when pregnant & the bag boys at the grocery store actually put my groceries in my cart istead of bagging them and leaving them on the counter. But other than that, my life is pretty much the same as before I got pregnant.


* - October 10

I think everyone should be happy...think of all the moms who had miscarraiges, cant have children, or had somthing bad happen to their child. WE SHOULD ALL BE HAPPY!


Elizabeth - October 10

Debbie, enjoy it! It is so wonderful to hear someone appreciate what is so fantastic. I often feel like if I "brag" too much about how good I feel and have felt throughout my whole pregnancy, I will have a terrible labor or something. I am 33 weeks and I am constantly amazed at what my body is doing, I have never liked my body more or felt more comfortable in my own skin. I know I sound crazy, but I am enjoying my prenancy so much, and again I am so happy to hear someone else feels the same.



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