Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With The Heat

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Prissanna - June 20

For some reason, today I just can't cool down. It's like I"m having one huge hotflash that lasts all day long. Is this normal? I'm getting concerned that I'm sick or something cause all I'm doing is sitting at my desk under the A/C.


moucheka - June 20

Yes, I am usually hot! I live in TX and I don't go outside except to swim. My poor husband sleeps with a blanket as I have the airconditioning really low and the fan on and am still warm!


Mingill - June 20

Yeah, I overheat just sitting still. I've got the A/C in the bedroom and fans everywhere else. I think I read something about our body temps increasing because of all the growing etc. that baby is doing. You know, back to science cla__s with the whole every action causes a reaction. Baby grows, so we heat up :o)


Kara H. - June 20

If I am at home, I'm naked! Its just too hot to wear clothes. At work I am freezing out my coworkers, but I don't care. They can put on a sweater - I can only take off so much and still be decent in public.


ataylor724 - June 20

It's not just you. I feel like I keep complaining, but it's a constant feeling that doesn't go away. I'm in So. California and it's supposed to be 95 all this week. I don't have AC and my shower is on Saturday so I'm stuck inside with 30 other people. I don't plan on moving out of the fan breeze :)


ARD - June 20

Hi all! I know what you mean about being hot all the time!! And you're right, once you get hot, it is such a chore to get cooled off again. It even makes me nausiated and dizzy. When I'm not sitting in a pool or in the house with the AC set at 65, I actually carry around with me a hand held fan with extra batteries!! It comes in handy soooo much! I'll be standing in a department store and have a hot flash, so I whip out my fan, and feel MUCH better! Of course its only temporary till I can get back in the AC, but it helps!!! :o)


Olivene - June 21

My husband is freezing all night, too. I wear very little at home, too. I had to teach the other day in a tiny, non-airc conditioned room. It is very humid here (Japan). I have been thinking about adding ice to the bathwater, but I haven't gone that far yet.


mommie2be - June 22

Totally! I usually don't wear sleeveless shirts- but that's all I'm wearing lately it's SOOOO hot! The heat index was 105 yesterday and it's not getting any better today!



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