Is Anyone Else Scared For Their Baby During Labor

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r1209 - September 28

This may sound a little dumb, but I am so scared for my baby during labor. I've read about so much that could go wrong and I couldn't imagine being so close and something happening! I haven't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks so how do I know for sure everything is ok and ready to go for labor? I'm due Monday and if I don't deliver by then my doctor is going to start interfering... I'm just so afraid for the baby... :(


afireinsideamanda - September 28

god, i know how you feel~ the last time i saw my lo i was 20 weeks too... youd think theyd do a final ultrasound but if your insurance doesnt pay for it, they dont care i guess.. i freak about this stuff too! im due oct 3


r1209 - September 28

Yea my insurance won't cover it... I don't understand why though... An ultrasound could determine a lot!


r1209 - September 28

...and give me peace of mind that my little guy is perfectly ok...


lissica - September 28

Well i haven't had an u/s since 20wks either but that's pretty normal. Usually only if there is a problem they do more i think. I do worry sometimes too that there will be problems but that's natural. The way i'm starting to see it is that we shouldn't worry so much about baby now cus chances are in our favour things will be just fine. It's when he/she is out that we will have a whole bunch of new worries to face lol.


tk07 - September 30

since i just had a horrible delivery experience take it from me in saying that you do the best you can and try to make the best decisions and what happens happens and you can't change it. but, almost all of the time things are fine or end up being fine so try not to worry. i really am in the minority. and, i had an u/s at 36 weeks and things still were not great! so that doesn't really do much besides maybe guestimate the weight and position. good luck!


andrea21 - September 30

r1209 why wont your insurance cover an ultrasound? I am 38.3 wks now, I had ultrasounds past the 20th week at 30wks, 34.4wks and at 36.5wks - 2 at the hospital in L&D because I thought I hadn't felt my baby for an entire day and a 2nd time because I was getting severe pain that hadn't stop after an hour and another time at the doctor's office because I kept begging and complaining that I wasn't gaining alot of weight which scared me into believing my baby wasn't growing(after people kept making nasty comments that I didn't really look pregnant and that it was hurting my baby) - the dr said everything was fine, she basically did the ultrasound to shut me up. Maybe you can complain that you are not feeling any fetal movement? they would have to give you an ultrasound then, to make sure everything is alright


r1209 - September 30

I'm not sure why they don't cover it... They would only cover the one at 20 weeks... I do believe they will do it if the doctor deems it medically necessary... But checking on the baby for the sake of measuring him and making sure there are no problems for labor isn't medically necessary for him. It's funny you say that because a coworker told me to suggest that I start complaining to get one. However, they don't do ultrasounds at my doctors office... They send you to the hospital with a prescription...


r1209 - September 30

tk- I'm sorry you had a bad experience... I just read your post about delivery. Are you and the little one doing better?


tk07 - October 2

we are doing ok. it is very hard to have to go and visit your baby at a hospital a few times a day and then leave her there a few times a day. but we have some hope she will get better on her own, it might just take a while. but for the u/s thing a lot of Dr's can tell position and rough size by feeling your stomach too. u/s are much more precise of course, they were almost right on with her weight at my 36 week u/s and she stayed head down. but i now know that anything unexpected can happen during delivery! i thought forceps were like midieval or something but they are still used obviously for situations like mine! you will be just fine :)


socurbaby7 - October 2

Just as someone who has been able to see there baby many times on u/s... i dont think it makes u feel any better... just worr a little more if everythings going to be alright... I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and they could not see her heart... so i had 3 more u/s every other week until they could see it... turns out my duaghters a stubborn lil one and was laying on her stomach so they couldnt see her heart... and they just wanted to make sure all 4 chambers were there and it was pumpin blood fine... but still that had me worried.... and then i was bleeding the other day and i was in the hospital and so of course they wanted to put the heart monitor on... and they were trying to find the heart beat and they couldnt.... needless to say i was freaked out... but it wasnt cause there was no heart beat its because she was moving around too much... so they had to use an ultrasound to locate where her heart was at .. so they found it... and the baby was in the breech position... and so they bout an hour later they sent me down to the u/s lab to check everything out make sure the babys fine and theres no bleeding... so at that u/s my baby was in head down position and by the end of the u/s she was transverse,,, it worries me that she moves around so much ... cause i am tiny for my pregnancy ive only gained maybe 4 lbs... and i feel like she has no room and yet she moves aorund like its her job in there... and im33 weeks i thought they were suppose to slow down ... but guess not... but no matter what whenever i see an u/s im always worrying somethings wrong with my baby ... and i would almost like the peace of mind of not having one and jusst knowing that shes fine and healthy.


nino3 - October 2

tk07, what happened to you and your baby during the delivery? Are you all o.k.? I havnt been here in quite some time. I am 35 weeks this week and am starting to freak out. I dont want any surprises so can you tell me what happened?


tk07 - October 3

sure, i had a pretty good start to labor just the norm contractions then epidural progressed on and was fully dilated. then i started pushing and pushed for 3.5 hours and the last hour she was not going down any further. she was so far down we could see her hair without me even pushing but she was stuck. so i guess she was too far down to do a c-section but too far up for a vacc_m so that left forceps to get her out... forceps are really scary sounding... they take you into an operating room, up your epidural so you are completely numb put your legs in really high stirrups and then get started. it was pretty scary, even dh was freaked out in there. but anyways, she came out ,and was face up which nobody knew beforehand, and was breathing fast so they had her stay the night in nicu and it turns out she got nerve damage so her right diphragm won't let that perfectly healthy lung fully expand so she needs oxygen and a feeding tube right now. this is day 10 of her being in there. she also had issues with her right shoulder not moving but that is coming back now so they think there is a good possibility her other nerve wil heal. if not then she will eventually need surgery to breath normally. but, a__sisted deliveries like mine are really uncommon so don't worry, you will be fine. like i said before what is meant to happen will and you make the best choices you can at the time and hope for the best.


LinLaceie - October 3

I know how you feel TK, my baby has been in the hospital for a month and almost 2 weeks, and has a month to go yet. He was 11 weeks early so he won't be coming home till his due date, Nov. 9th It is hard to go in see him and then leave him there, but I know he is getting the best care he can get and needs right now. And for that he is just doing awesome for as early as he was. :) He is also on a feeding tube and oxygen, but it's only a puff here and there if he "forgets" to breathe. We are hoping the tube comes out this week and they start bottle feeding him, but they are taking it slow with this, he likes to desat after feeding and he could choke. anyways, just know your LO is getting the best care right now, and your baby girl will be home soon! Hang in there! :)


tk07 - October 5

linlaceie, she gets a tiny bit of oxygen but needs it all the time with just the nostril one. when they tried bottle feeding her she didn't do too good and it stressed her so they stopped for now. she desats if she gets upset or if she is laying in certain positions mostly. it is super hard to see her like that. we were told yesterday it will be at least 10 more days she is in there... so over all it will probably end up being a good month before she comes home and that might even be with oxygen and a feeding tube. i hope not though. good luck with your baby! it sounds like if they are getting ready to take out the tube he is doing really good!



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