Is Anyone Feeling Quot Damp Quot Down There

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drea - June 16

I've been feeling very damp down there lately and have been having more discharge, but sometimes it's almost wet down there. I had a doctors appointment on the 6th and my doctor didnt seem concerned. I'm just really nervous about leaking amniotic fluid. Has anyone had this and it turned out to be ok? (I'm 27 weeks) Thanks in advance


Danielle19 - June 16

i've had the same problem since about 25 weeks and im 38 now and its even worse, i have to change underware like 2 times a day but they have check a couple times and its not am. fluid they said some people just have much more discharge and wetness then others i wouldn't worry unless you feel it trickle down your leg


drea - June 16

Thanks Danielle. I always feel so much better whn I know someone else has experienced the same thing and all is well. Good Luck with your little one :-)


mcatherine - June 16

Drea, you're not alone. I sometimes have to shower and change clothes twice a day to make myself feel clean. I used to worry, too, but the docs say it's normal. I'm now 28 weeks and I have noticed it is worse during exercise or when I am doing something active. Mixed with the heat, it definately takes away what little glamour was left with my pregnancy. I use panty liners to help feel dry and change them pretty often throughout they day. I think it's one of those common things that aren't talked about very often. Good luck!


drea - June 16

I definetly have noticed it more since the warm weather arrived. There are just so many things that go on during pregnancy that can either be normal pregnancy symptoms or something wrong, it can really make you crazy. Thanks for your input ladies. Best of Luck to you.


Chrissythefairy - June 16

ive been feeling the say way and it gets worse in hot weather


Nesha - June 16

And i thought i was the only one having this problem. And Its True It Soo much worst when its warm out. Myself im changing 3 4 times in a day. i have one more week left max 2 if he doesnt come on time, and for me the amount of discharge has gotten alot more. nice to know that im not the only one, everyone i talked to my aunts and family never had that prob. so it worried me.


Traci76 - June 16

Yep, count me in too. I have to wear pads, not just pantyliners!! I had no idea the warmer weather had anything to do with it - just figured it progressed as my pregnancy progressed.


miraclebaby - June 16

hey ladies count me in I was scared at first too, then I did not know if it was discharge, sweat, pee, but they were wet alot and I change 2-3 times a day too. Its obviously natural, if we all have it I have tried a little baby powder to absorb some of it .not vagisal just a little regular. take care and good luck


ITSABOY - June 17

i too have this and the doc did a culture on me and i have gbs thats why i have this.


tryingx3 - June 17

Just a note...although this might be "normal" and obviously more prominent with the heat, it is something that you should mention to your doctor. I wasn't sure and found out I had ayeast itching or anything. Then because I wasn't sure if symptoms were better, they checked again and I had developed a bacterial infection that they say can cause pre-term labor. I asked why I was getting these and was told it was caused by hormone changes. I figure the heat isn't helping! I was just glad it wasn't amniotic fluid!


Deb - June 17

Yeah, same problem. Turns out mine is urine. It doesn't feel like urine, but my doctor says that when I go to the bathroom, I am not getting everything out because of the positioning of the baby. Then later when I get up or change positions, a little bit of urine that is in my urethra trickles out. It's kind of a pain, but at least it is not am. fluid. My doctor says it is quite common (but it doesn't seem like anyone talks about it!)


everthiki - June 17

I have the same issue...I told my midwife when I was around 30 weeks and she it may be amnio fluid until she took a culture. She said it was normal discharge,possibly like Deb said some urine. I haven't started using panty liners yet, but will very soon if it gets worse. It gets a lot worse with the heat and exercise!!


GraphxGirl - June 18

I have been wondering the same thing... been feeling wet down there and need to change my panties a couple times a day. The weather is getting warmer and I am sure that has alot to do with it along with my bladder probly leaking a bit out here and there. I have to go to the bathroom all the time, especially when I have strong braxton hicks. Sometimes I don't even feel like I have to pee until my uterus tightens up!


Mercury - June 18

<<<<raising hand>>>>>> Me too, me too!! It drives me crazy. I'm 34 weeks, and it seems like there is more with each pa__sing week...... It also has gotten worse since it's gotten hotter out. Have to do the pantiliner thing or change my undies twice per day.... I think I should write a book called crazy things that aren't talked about during pregnancy!!


Trish# - June 19

YES! I don't have any "discharge" per say, just wetness and I believe it is urine b/c it smells like it! (sorry if TMI). I'll go to pee and see a big wet spot on my panties and get panicky. But it's nothing to worry about...just gross to deal with!!



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