Is Anyone Inviting Men

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kr - October 10

Hi, My sister is throwing me a shower. She wants to know about inviting husbands also...what do you think? Are there some games for guys?


Barb - October 10

well... my husband went...but we didn't invite a bunch of other men.There was like 2 other guys there and they just sat in the back and pigged-out :)


Brandy - October 10

My sister threw a couples shower for me and my husband for our family and friends. It was great, the guys had a lot of fun and were very involved in the games. A few of the games we played were a bottle drinking game were 5 guys were picked to drink (whatever beverage they want.) The guy that finished drinking his bottle first won. (She got guy prizes like $10 gift cards to Home Depot.) Another game we played was with 5 couples. Each couple took turns dressing a doll, the guy was blindfolded and the girl would tell him (not do it for him) how to dress the baby, putting the clothes on the right way, etc. It was really fun, the only thing is that you have to "appoint" guys to play in games because many will not volunteer to play games at a baby shower!!


Jessie V - October 10

My husband made it a point to tell me he did not want to be at the shower. He just gets to have fun putting everything together when I bring it home!!


Hi KR - October 10

My DH was at the shower, it was fun until he started winning the games, LOL!


Michelle - October 11

My mom and sister threw one of my showers and my dad and husband did not want to be there. My dad actually took my husband to a strip club. It was during the day, but I thought it was amusing. They didnt stay long and came back. Didn't bother me at all, come on....he was with my dad....what could possibly go wrong. My husband loves me so it was just something to do. I know I will catch hell for this one by some other ladies, but it was all it good fun.


h - October 11

kr, i had a couples shower. I told my husband there was no way in hell he wasn't going to be at the shower. We played some games but the men watched football while we sat around and talked. Brandy's games sound great. i am going to have to remember them if i ever need to throw a shower for one of my friends.


J - October 11

I personally think my husband could careless. The day of my shower my husband went and had a couple of beers with his friends and helped get all the stuff home. This was my time!


hb - October 11

i think it depends on the friends you hang out with. We had "sort of" a couples shower. My husband and I play on a softball team so we have guy friends and girl friends. We felt it was important to invite everyone since we spend so much time with them. We all enjoy the "get togethers" whether it be a baby shower or monday night football:) You'll have to decide. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time either way.


YC - October 11

Hello kr, my boyfriend and I are having a co-ed baby shower thrown by family members. He is inviting lots of his friends both single and married and I have invited my freinds husbands as well. I guess it helps that two of his best friends wives are also pregnant ha!ha! I dont have access to any of the details as they are keeping it all hidden from me but I know his mother found lots of games for men and women on the internet. His friend had a co-ed shower two years ago. At first the men were hesitant to participate but by the end they were having more fun than the women. Hope thi s helps.


Jennifer - October 11

i had a friend who had husbands at her shower, they played a game where the men had to suck beer from baby bottles, they were given a time limit to see who could empty their bottle, or come close to it. My husband came to mine, but no other guys were there. It may be hard to get the guys to come.



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