Is Anyone NOT Ready

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name - October 16

I see how so many women are sooo ready for their babes to be born. I'm not, and in a way I feel bad for it. BTW I'm 34 weeks. First of all, I'm moving, and that will take at least 2 or more weeks. Plus I have to sterilize the new home before I can unpack, then I've got to unpack everything (things I'll need everyday plus the baby's stuff). So, put all this (the moving) aside, pretend I don't have to move, and I STILL am not ready. I'm sooo terrified of having to take care of my 4 yr old plus my newborn ALL BY MYSELF. I have a hard enough time taking care of my daugther. And no i don't have any help. My daughter can spend the night w/ my parents on the weekend, but that's about it, they live 45 minutes away and they work. I have no other family or friends.


evae777 - October 17

im not ready either, scared to death. first child! some days it just hits me that i will be having child soon. i am 29 years old so im not too young for the responsibility. just like you i dont have any family and my girlfriends have their own life since they are single. i dont have any help so i cant imagine having a 4 year old as well. my husband works and i am SAHM. he leaves for work later in the a.m and comes home after 7 or 8 pm and doesnt really help much around the house since it is his expectation that this is my job. so i am definitely feeling alone on this. he has even suggested that he can sleep in another room while i sleep next to the baby so he can get his sleep to go to work. which makes sense since he pays the bills, but it is still extremely exhausting to already feel like i wont have any help. i've gotten quite depressed lately w/ all of these changes. so i know how you must be feeling overwhelmed. it will get better though... it's amazing how people can adapt very quickly to their environment. hope you feel better soon :)


emfine99 - October 17

I'll be 35 weeks on Friday and I'm in no way ready. Ready for the baby to be here and out of my belly, yes! But having my house prepared for her? NOPE!!! I have the crib still in the box, all the gifts are still sitting on the floor in the babys room.... I'm waiting for my 2nd shower that my SIL is having in a couple of weeks, then we are going to finish getting what we need and get it all finished. Good luck to everyone else who isn't ready! It's a lot more than I expected! At least I got the room painted, that's about all I've done!!


alirenee86 - October 17

Thank you!! Because I thought I was the only one who was NOT ready because I hear so many say how they just want to have their baby already. Am I excited and anxious to have him- yes...but in no hurry as I too feel like I still have SO much to do and it stresses me out! It feels way more convenient to be carrying my baby and doing everything I have to do in my belly for now that I wouldn't mind if he comes right around his due date or even a bit after...we'll see if I feel that way when it gets closer as I'm 36 weeks now. I can only imagine how you feel doing this all by yourself with a little one already. Best of luck to you. It will all fall into place. Baby steps!


DaBonkElsMe - October 17

I know how you feel. I am not ready, I am actually hoping I go late, when most women on this forum are hoping to go early. It's not about moving, or getting things prepared, it's me - I am scared to death that I am not ready to be a mom and to take care of a baby. My DH is taking a week off when the baby comes, and that's it - After that I'll be home with him all day alone, until I go back to work. ALL of my family and closest friends are 4 or more hours away!! We only moved here 2 years ago. Even though I know my mom and MIL will both want to come visit often, that worries me too. Plus I only have 12 weeks off from work, and going back while b___stfeeding, is making me anxious about that already!! I'm trying to at least put that one on the back burner for a while though. I really wanted this, we both do, it's just getting more and more real as the days pa__s. I'm excited to meet my lo and see him face to face, but like alirenee said, I feel like it is so much easier to care for him now, while he's still inside me, than it will be once he's here!


January - October 17

I'm a lil over 34wks and I agree with emfine, I'm ready to have her out of my belly but no where near ready for her to be here! She's going to be spending the first couple of months in my room with me and my room just isn't ready.. it looks like a closet exploded. Rest of the house I've been nesting like CRAZY and it's spotless.. but my room, no way! It's cluttered, dirty, and clothes EVERYWHERE!! I look around and say to myself, "where do I start?!" I had DS at 35wks, so technically if this pregnancy is like the last, she could come next week!! I feel like so much to do and so little time to do it in! Plus, on top of everything else, I still haven't really come to the realization that this pregnancy is going to result in a BABY!!!! Omg A BABY!! lol. I've been the Mom of ONE child for 11yrs.. everything is going to be soooo different! Things will never be the same. Although I can't wait and welcome the change, the fear of the unknown is BIG!


emfine99 - October 17

January, I think it's fine to have her spend the first few months in your room in a ba__sinet!! That's what I am doing! Plus, we just got a new mattress, so I am not relocating myself upstairs! LOL The babys room will be upstiars and for me, it'll be harder for me to go up and down the stairs once I have the baby, but I would still like to have her room done. I have a bed for me up there so I can sleep up there with her and stuff. Plus, it's a little colder up there so I don't want her up there during the winter, so we got a little ba__sinet that matches our room and she will sleep there with us for at least 3 months! :-) Still ready to get her out of me! I do hope I go at least a week early since i'm due the day after Thanksgiving.... I kinda wanna have a Thanksgiving dinner with the family this year and be able to show off the little one :-) We don't see our family as much as we should except on holidays, so it would be nice! I think I'll have it all together a week before she's due... I hope! :-/


tish212 - October 17

I am extrememly dh and I wanted this for 5 years now...however when I sit down and think about it..I am scared out of my mind. I worry that I'm not mentally prepared...and our nursey is no where near even started. the crib, is still in pieces...the room is still filled with other items...and it like I have no motivation to get it started. I am excited to have a baby...its just often I worry I may not be a good mom... but what I hear from friends who have hd kids..they say its normal to feel this I guess I can take solace in that....


Tink - October 17

i hope you manage to get it all together, sounds like it isn't easy, but sounds like you are tough and can make it happen!! wishing you lots of luck. i am one of the ones that is so ready. i count my blessings cuz i do have tons of family help- they painted for me even. bring me food once a week so i don't have to cook. i am a type A, so i started stuff early and am pretty much all ready, swing put together, pack and play, ba__sinet, etc all ready to go. DH has to finish tinkerbell on the mural in the nursery, but other than that, we are good. so i guess i am both physically, emotionally and house ready for him to get here!! it is all thanks to lots of support and my type A perfectionism to get things done early. lol.....for once that actually came in handy. i know it will all fall in place for you too though, but i know how hard it is. i work full time and usually am not home until after 6 or 7 (after leaving at 8am), so it is hard to get things done- especially when you are pooped 100% of the time. so sending thoughts and prayers your way!!! i am 37w and the countdown to 10/30 for my induction has begun!!


Pearl - October 17

I am 37w 4d (I almost wrote the wrong amount of and I am nowhere close to ready! I have been trying to get things done over the past few weeks, but I am on bed rest and I'm not suppose to be doing those things. I have cleaned the house and kept up on laundry, but my doctor doesn't want me working. I went on maternity leave 3 weeks early. The baby's room is ready, but I have more clothes to put away (in a basket in the laundry room right now) and I still have to vacuum my room (since the baby will be staying in there for a few months) and keep up on the everyday work. I have packed--and repacked--the overnight bag for the kids (7 & 4 1/2) and the one for me. My husband's is packed (thanks to me) and so is the baby's diaper bag...I feel so overwhelmed! There's still so much to get done...but here's the c-section is only ONE WEEK from today! I have GOT to get moving! I only have 7 days....Minus Friday (It's my daughter's school carnival) that leaves 6 days to get ready...CRAP! lol I guess we'll see if I'm ready when the time comes...Good luck ladies!


jill-78 - October 18

I'm 35 weeks and am not ready either. I have most of the baby clothes done, but the house is a disaster and it doesn't feel clean enough. I can't wait to see my baby and find out if it's a boy or girl, but I can wait until the house is perfect-haha. My cousin said she bought baby things and decorated the room when she was in her 1st trimester, which makes me feel even more behind!!! I can't imagine moving , so good luck and everything will be fine!


alirenee86 - October 19

Now I'm driving MYSELF crazy as my house is SPOTLESS yet I'm STILL obsessing over it not being clean enough!! I'm 36 weeks, the nursery is basically completely done, just need to have my husband hand a valance, and the ba__sinet is being shipped to me today. I need to pack a bag but that's pretty much it and I still feel behind. Am I crazy?? Or is this just nesting syndrome at its best??


redmondsky - October 19

Hey - what a great thread. I am not ready either. We have a four year old and this baby is our second - I am 32 weeks along. I am self employed so 'am desperately trying to get as much lined up in my business as I can so I can take a month off when the baby comes....we are also renovating to make room for the baby - I don't have a baby room to set up at the moment....I keep thinking - come on baby - hang in there 6 more weeks so mommy can get her act together...! It's really comforting to know I am not the only one who wants the baby out of my tummy BUT not quite yet......


Pearl - October 19

I am 5 days away from my scheduled c-section and I STILL can't get it together! There are still a few things that need taken to the garage (husband's job) and the floors are swept and mopped, but I can't seem to be ready... The house is great. All of the bedrooms are cleaned and vacuumed, all of the closets are clean and organized, even the kitchen cabinets are organized....I just can't seem to be "ready". I am hoping that spending some more time cleaning this weekend will make me feel better. Time goes by WAY too fast when you are expecting a little one!


alirenee86 - October 19

Yes, Pearl I feel you! You sound like I feel, all set and ready but never quite feeling all set and ready!


BouncingBabyBoy - October 19

I am not ready too. I am 31 weeks and I have an 8 month old. I am not alone but it feels like it sometimes. I have the baby's stuff ready but it just feels like something is missing and I get really scared.


tish212 - October 19

ok when I first got pregnant I read all the books..could tell u at the drop of a hat what u needed for a newborn...what to pack in ur overnite hospital bag I'm 29w5d and I can't think of any of it...I was thinking about packing my bag so its done...but everytime I think about what to pack my mind goes blank lol...I finally put up the crib yesterday and felt great afterward but now I realize I have so much more to do! I disinfected my whole house the other week lol cuz the nesting bug was going hubby thought I was insane for scrubbing the walls...but I just felt it couldn't be too clean... now if only that crazy nesting bug could get me to work on the nursery! does anyone else get moments where they r terrified about being a mom? I don't dwell on it but every once in a while it strikes me and I realize just how scared I am....I mean this is a little human depending 100% on me... its frightening



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