Is Baby Head Down How Can I Tell

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mama_goddess - October 10

I am 35 weeks along and due on November 10th. How can I tell if and when my babies head is down? I really don't want to have a c-section! Is there anyway to tell?


Heja - October 10

I think only the doctor can tell the position of the baby, and if he is not sure than you will have ultrasound. Sometimes the baby can be in breech positon till the end of pregnancy and then turn head down.


Mary - October 10

in my case (am having my 1st baby due date 10/28) My doctor told me the head was down. He also told me that if the baby has the hick-ups I will feel them low in my belly, close to my pelvic bone, which is here I feel them. That is a way to calm myself about where the head is. I hope this helps.


lisa - October 11

i could tell at 35 weeks from where i was getting the kicks, they were on the sides and top of my belly, it really confirmed it for me when at 32 weeks baby turned round to breach for a few days and when you get kicked in your v____a/cervix/bowels and bladder belive me youd know about it, i was waslking aloing the street jumping and gasping with the pain, luckily it has turned and stayed head down. my midwife feels for where it is each visit (im 38 half weeks now) and she showed me how to feel. If you llie down and put your fingers either side of your bikkini line kind of where your pevis almost joins in the middle and push in quite deep i can feel a big round hard thing!!! the kicking is definatly the better way to tell though. but ask at your next appointment cos at 35 weeks if it is head down its unlikely to change and if its breach they can give you excersises to help it turn or do a external manipulation to turn the baby from the outside, but my dad was born breach so its not out of the question. I know where im giving birth they make sure what you are, im sure if you were breach they would have been discussing your options with you at you appointments. good luck


Justine - October 11

A midwife/doctor should tell you what position at your regular check-ups. Also the heartbeat is normaaly taken between the shoulder blades so this should give you a good indication. Breech babies at term are rare so its probably head down so don't worry. My baby has kicked low down throughout but is not breech - it just has its feet on its head. Infact my baby has been engaged since week 34/35 and is still kicking low - I'm 36 weeks today (due 8th Nov with 1st) so it's not that easy to know yourself (unless it's kicking you high up) though now I can feel her head in my pelvis when she wiggles.


Kayla - October 11

As Mary said, I feel the hiccups around my lower pelvic area for a while now, I went in for an appt and doctor confirmed it's position. But 2 days later, i had a lot of movements (even painful ones) didn't know what was going on. Then today i realized the hiccups were about 2 in above my belly b___ton area! how frustrating! I don't know if this helps, but that's the way I can tell the position.


NG - October 11

Hi I am 36 weeks and can tell my baby has her head down, because I can feel her bottom is up the top. I feel the hickups down low as well and have started getting pressure in my thighs and bottom. My doctor confirmed that my baby was head down yesterday she said that as my baby drops I will feel more room around my chest.



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